Liberal City Policies Lead To Assaulted Officers [Video]

New York City police have been so restricted by liberal city policies that they aren’t even sure when it’s appropriate to defend themselves. Three separate attacks in the past week highlight the crisis.

Retired supervisory special agent James Gagliano, now an assistant professor, weighed in on what he described as, “brazen, water-dousing attacks.” Buckets of water were dumped on the officer’s heads, in one case a thrown bucket hit an officer. In the third incident, Super Soaker water guns were sprayed directly in officers’ faces.

Uniformed officers were assaulted in Brooklyn, Harlem, and the Bronx by renegade street punks. Each of the incidents was filmed by multiple bystanders, which then went viral in social media, showing the police allowing the attacks to continue without taking any action at all.

In every one of the videos, bystanders can be heard. They laughed, clapped, and cheered but nobody tried to stop it. What is especially sad, Gagliano notes, is the disgraceful way “anarchy and chaos” seem to be “rewarded by a hesitance to immediately apprehend assailants.”

After police friendly activists and union officials started questioning how this could be allowed to happen without any action to be taken, a couple of suspects have been rounded up.

Meanwhile, the apparent success of the gangsters and impotence of the police is sure to embolden others. Police are now expecting “copycat assaults.”

Water may be “harmless” but many law enforcement advocates are wondering when officers will start getting drenched in bleach or gasoline.

The head of the sergeants’ union wants Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill, Jr. to resign.

A retired veteran of the NYPD, Louis Anemone, blames “the ‘woke’, ‘progressive’, political establishment of New York City,” including liberal Mayor Bill de Blasio, for switching “common sense, impartiality, and honesty in the pursuit of happiness in the City with crazy theories about our sub-conscious prejudices and minority privilege.”

Anemone wants Mayor de Blasio to “resign now.”

These officers were prevented from doing their jobs simply because of the progressive policy of “de-escalation.”

Gagliano stresses the fact that “we employ police forces to maintain the potentially fragile existence of order. And when established law and order break down, criminal elements in our midst sense opportunity and become emboldened.”

“Civil disorder, anti-social behavior, and blatant disrespect for law enforcement must not be tolerated anywhere in America, Gagliano insists.

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He’s convinced that we can demand “that police perform their duties professionally and dispense justice evenly.” That is only fair. We also have to look at the flip side and protect our police.

We have to make sure, he adds, that those who “are sworn to protect and serve aren’t provided — however inadvertently — a green light to assault them.”

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  1. New York, for one, desperately need someone like Rudy Guliani to step in and take action against the liberals who have instituted such asinine rules that the police cannot do their job and are punished if they do. Anarchy is just around the corner!!!

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