Two Years Of Russian Collusion Delusions, NOW The New York Times Want’s Trump To Be Friends

After two-years of peddling Russia conspiracies, NOW The New York Times wants Trump to form closer relations with Putin, to thwart China.

You simply can’t make up this amount of liberal logic stupidity from the left.

‘Russiagate’ has been ground zero of American political discourse for two years now, even after Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report cleared President Donald Trump of conspiring with Russia to steal the 2016 US election.

The fake news media has been treating America to nightly conspiracy theories and insane connect-the-dots articles from knuckleheads like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, claiming to prove Trump is Putin’s puppet.

Not to mention lawmakers like Eric Swalwell calling Trump an “Agent of Russia, as well as “SchiffForBrains” Adam Schiff claiming for two years that he has seen the evidence of Trump doing the bidding of Russia.

But now the idea of closer ties between Moscow and Beijing has the New York Times’ editorial board clearly worried. In an op-ed published on Sunday, the board wrote that:

“President Trump is correct to try to establish a sounder relationship with Russia and peel it away from China” – itself a remarkable compliment from a paper that ran op-eds titled “Donald Trump Hates America,” and “Trump is Racist to the Bone” in the last five days.

The board then suggested that the US could strengthen its cooperation with Russia in space exploration and Arctic cleanup – areas untainted by ‘Russiagate’. In addition, new arms control treaties could be a step towards geopolitical cooperation between the two rival superpowers.

Are these valid and worthy points, yes… but only if they came from anyone not named the New York Times.

We’re talking about the same newspaper that last year called Trump a “treasonous traitor” ahead of his meeting with Putin in Helsinki.

Instead of seeking closer ties, the paper argued that the Democrats need to impeach Donald Trump for his traitorous behavior toward the United States as the President colluded to sell-out our country to Putin and Russia.

We’re talking about the same New York Times that dubbed Trump “Putin’s Lackey,” wrote Trump assassination fantasy stories and released a mocking video detailing a ‘love story’ between Trump and Putin, laden with homoerotic overtones and culminating in a tongue-locking kiss between the two leaders. It’s funny because they’re gay, see?

While running for President in 2016 Donald Trump announced that he saw nothing wrong with wanting to see the United States on friendly terms with Russia.

The Democrats, the fake news media led by the New York Times spewed the same venom as if Trump just called Barack Obama the N-Word.

The New York Times piece surprised many, like pundit George Szamuely, who wrote that Washington has “demonized Russia and blamed it for every problem besetting [the] US,” while the Times “has for years berated Trump for advocating this perfectly sensible policy, at times suggesting that he was doing so only because he was Putin’s agent and a traitor to the United States.”

Party of hate, blinded by their Trump derangement.

It’s just amazing that once again President Trump’s thinking proves to be so far ahead of the liberal left that they simply forget everything he has stated in the past.

When President Trump declared a humanitarian national emergency at the U.S. Southern border seven-months ago the Democrats, including the New York Times, proclaimed that Trump was a dictator and his fake national emergency was simply a ploy because Trump believed he was above the law.

Now, they’re crying “We have an emergency at the border, and Trump does nothing because he hates brown people”

But the Times new “Let’s be friends with Russia” is simply beyond the pale in its hypocrisy.

But what makes this new position even sadder is the fact that the mainstream media will treat the New York Times as some brilliant visionary that could only come from the morally and ethically superior forward-thinking liberal left.

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