Trump Defeats Democrats: Another Way To Count The Illegals

President Trump dropped efforts to put the citizenship question on the upcoming census. He has other means of finding out who is here.

President Donald Trump issued an executive order demanding that each and every federal department send any citizenship information they have to the Commerce Department, who happens to be the same branch of government that conducts the census.

The idea was proposed back in 2017 but the administration decided it would be easier to simply ask it on the census. That idea ran into a legal wall. Why is it that walls only work for the Democrats?

Two weeks ago the Supreme Court blocked the census question without settling it for good, but by now, the legal wrangling would take too long.

Bottling this up in litigation would result in the census not going out on time. First the administration would need to find another justification for asking the question and Trump would probably lose again anyway.

Thinking the left had won, Dale Ho of the ACLU said, “Trump’s attempt to weaponize the census ended not in a bang but a whimper.”

It was time to change the strategy. In a Rose Garden conference on the census and citizenship, President Trump promised  that he’s not backing off.

He thought it was odd that we could ask all kinds of questions but not ask if the person was a citizen. It doesn’t make any sense. We’re entitled to know who is a non-citizen in this country, are we not?

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“We will leave no stone unturned,” Trump told the White House Rose Garden audience. “we’re not backing down. These delays would have prevented us from completing the census on time.”

Government agencies have been collecting the data for years in administrative records. The Social Security Administration, IRS, US Citizenship and Immigration Services and the State Department all stack up piles of forms that gather citizenship data. Nobody needs to ask anybody anything.

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