Police ‘Support And Protect’ DC Alt-Right Free Speech Rally

The left knows speech needs to be controlled, so anybody advocating a different opinion than theirs must be silenced. When Antifa showed up at this weekend’s “Demand Free Speech” rally dressed for war, Metro D.C. Police did their jobs. They weren’t about to let another incident happen like the recent riot in Portland, Oregon.

About 200 people turned out to protest the anti-conservative censorship agenda of the giant social media companies, but they were far outnumbered by anti-Trump counter-protesters.

Event sponsor, The “Proud Boys,” describe themselves as a pro-Western fraternity. The Southern Poverty Law Center considers them a hate group. Leader Gavin McInnes appeared on stage wearing costume handcuffs to prove a point, symbolizing how “tech companies stifle conservative speech.” He urged the crowd to remember those who oppose us can’t fight or hold their side in a debate. They can’t even get a job.

Milo Yiannopoulos and Laura Loomer were both on hand. At one point they got into a heated discussion “over which of them had been banned from more platforms,” the Washingtonian reports. Loomer was recently banned from Twitter for the horrible crime of calling Ilhan Omar “anti Jewish.” Loomer posted that Omar “is a member of a religion in which ‘homosexuals are oppressed’ and ‘women are abused’ and ‘forced to wear the hijab.’ The left wants her crucified for that.

“Keep speaking, even though the other side doesn’t want to hear it,” Yiannopoulos urged. Loomer got a huge response from the crowd when she referred to the Trump Hotel staging area for transportation as their “safe space.”

Even the conservatives in the LGBT community were represented. Peter Boykin, the founder of Gays for Trump, announced “he was going to share his own #MeToo moment: being “raped” by social media.”

Heavy police presence and barricades separated the two groups so there were no major clashes. On purpose, the groups were kept far enough apart that “they had difficulty hearing one another,” Town Hall notes.

Antifa came as usual, “dressed for war in protective equipment and with weapons such as pipes, crowbars, and other blunt objects to shutdown opposing speech with physical violence.”

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“Some Antifa members were able to skirt the barriers and single out a man wearing a MAGA hat. However, this time, the police were allowed to do their job and pull the man away from the Antifa agitators without any reported injury to him.”

Nee Nee Taylor of Black Lives Matter was adamant that she’s not going to allow what she saw as “a hate group” coming into D.C. The counter protesters were mostly local and were upset at the “alt right” being in their city.

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