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CNN Michael Smerconish Is Upset That Feds Broke Down Jefferey Epstein’s Door.

After seeing the damage that the Feds caused to Jefferey Epstein’s door, radio host and frequent CNN Contributor Michael Smerconish went on a bizarre rant.

Early Sunday Federal officials burst through the door of convicted sexual predator Jefferey Epstein’s home and recovered the financier’s stash of child pornography stored inside a safe.

But Radio host and frequent CNN Contributor Michael Smerconish wasn’t too concerned about that but more worried about how awful the Feds treated Epstein’s poor innocent oak door.

Smerconish went on a bizarre tangent on his SiriusXM show Tuesday as he sparred with callers over whether the door of Jeffrey Epstein’s Upper East Side mansion should’ve been damaged in the raid by feds over the weekend.

“The SDNY indictment and excellent reporting by @jkbjournalist are convincing that Jeffrey Epstein is bad guy who has done terrible things and needs to be severely punished,” tweeted Smerconish, who hosts “The Michael Smerconish Program” on Sirius’ POTUS Channel. “F him. But could the feds not have used a locksmith instead of a crowbar on those doors?”

Wait. What?

It took this moron until the excellent reporting PLUS the SDNY indictments to make Michael Smerconish pretty convinced that Jeffery Epstein is a bad guy? So I guess he missed that whole Jefferey Epstein’s much-criticized non-prosecution “sweetheart deal” he received in Florida in 2008? I mean 99.9% of the people knew the moment Epstein plead guilty to state charges of soliciting prostitution he was the scum of the Earth.

Despite being accused of sexually abusing more than 30 minors Epstein got off with only serving 13 months behind bars, paid restitution and registered as a sex offender. But I assume those 0.1% CNN contributors like Michael Smerconish need a child molester to be indicted TWICE, for it to become “Convincing” enough? Smerconish’s outrage for the poor door of the convicted pedophile’s home set off a firestorm Tuesday as callers dialed in to question whether his outrage was misdirected.

“You are wasting too much time on the outrage of doors when there are way more important things,” one caller said. But the host doubled down on his comments, saying, “I saw things that I thought was really odd or misplaced and I decided to comment.”

The Door… The Door… What About That Poor Innocent Door

Of course, when the Feds are going to raid the house of a convicted pedophile who they have no way of knowing if he was alerted that they were coming to arrest him. They should knock nicely and announce “We’re here Mr. Epstein, Can You Please Come Out So We Gently Place These Cuff’s On and Arrest You?” I guess Smerconish’s liberal pea brain can’t comprehend the fact that if Epstein had been alerted and knowing this would be it for his sick demented ass.

That maybe Epstein decided instead of spending the rest of his life seeing what life is like on the receiving end of sexual abuse, that he would rather go down in a blaze of gunfire? Smerconish insisted that he wasn’t defending Epstein but took issue with how the feds gained entry into his $77 million home at 9 E. 71st St.

“I believed Jeffrey Epstein has slept in this house for the final time,” Smerconish said. “It’s not about him. It’s the case and how the government approached it.”

The multimillionaire financier and good friend of Bill Clinton were busted Early Sunday morning on sex trafficking and conspiracy charges. Epstein has pleaded not guilty.

Smerconish Was Ripped Apart On Twitter For His Idiocy

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