Just In: Joe Biden Has Blackmail ‘Dossier’ On Democrats [Watch]



Meek and mild Joe Biden may be old-school but he has a warning, actually more of a veiled threat, for Kamala Harris and the rest of the Democrat contenders. He has a collection of their dirty secrets. He claims he doesn’t want to use the blackmail material though. He’s “just not going to go there.” At least, not yet.

“I mean, I get all this information about other people’s pasts, and what they’ve done and not done,” Biden told CNN’s Chris Cuomo. “And you know, I’m just not going to go there.”

Biden may be slow but he’s not politically stupid enough not to realize exactly how the comment will sound to his opponents. It’s a warning.

As Inquisitr points out, Biden “appeared to claim that he has been amassing an arsenal of information on the personal histories of his rival candidates.”

Without specifics, there is lots of speculation about “what type of ‘information’ he meant, or how he would have obtained it.” Just about every candidate these days goes out and gathers Christopher Steele style opposition research.

One of Biden’s aides hinted off the record that it may be more of an insurance policy. Biden wants to “make clear that he knows his record in public life will be weaponized against him by opposition researchers. He will take on those attacks directly, because he will not allow his record to be distorted and mischaracterized.” That seems to be aimed directly at Kamala Harris who ripped him apart in the debate over his views on federally mandated busing.

Since then, it has developed that she herself agrees with his positions both that the idea should not be federally required and also that there is really no need for busing today. It highlights the fact she was just out to intimidate him and that it worked.

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2 Replies to “Just In: Joe Biden Has Blackmail ‘Dossier’ On Democrats [Watch]”

  1. I bet there are more dossiers on everyone in D.C. Probably make J. Edgar Hoover’s collection look like a teen age diary.

  2. Joe Biden should be investigated with Hillary and Obama. Joe knows exactly what went on in the 2016 election. And is a part of that swamp. He would probably go to jail to for everything he knows. Iran Benghazi uranium one Russia influence China influence.

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