Fugitive Oregon Lawmakers Escalate Climate Regulation Rebellion

The Oregon State Capitol was closed Saturday because Democrat lawmakers are acting like spoiled children.

They’re afraid of right-wing “militias.” Not because the militias might start trouble — only because they might show up. That’s also misleading because “Three Percenters” have no reason to show up, they’re sheltering escaped Republicans in Idaho.

Eleven Republican lawmakers fled the state to avoid voting on insanely crippling “climate change” legislation. They’re terrified it will pass. their leader advised on Sunday, “I don’t think you’re going to see us anytime soon.”

The Oregon “cap-and-trade” proposal would heavily regulate businesses and taxpayers into lowering “greenhouse gas emissions.” They would then be able to sell credit for having such clean air to China, allowing China to continue dumping as many tons of carbon into the atmosphere as they can afford.

Ever since negotiations broke down on Wednesday, tensions have been escalating. When Governor Kate Brown ordered Republican lawmakers hauled back to the capitol in chains, tempers flared even further.

Send bachelors and come heavily armed,” senator Brian Boquist warned. “I’m not going to be a political prisoner in the state of Oregon. It’s just that simple.”

Boquist is hiding out in Idaho so Oregon state police would be out of their jurisdiction.

“His comments have created fear among employees in our workplace,” Senate Democrats whimpered. There are heavy rumors around the capitol cafeteria that he brought his Steely Dan records and a case of dynamite with him.

State police were out with bloodhounds Thursday and  Friday tying to hunt down the fugitive senators.

The way the police explained it on Saturday, they had been “monitoring information throughout the day that indicates the safety of legislators, staff and citizen visitors could be compromised if certain threatened behaviors were realized.”

At least two-thirds of the Senate are needed to form a quorum. That means  20 of the Senate’s 30 members must show up to vote in order for any business to proceed

The Real Three Percent of Idaho has offered to provide security, transport and a place to stay for the Republicans.

One of the protected congressmen might have tried to deflect criticism of the militia by saying, “The militia isn’t helping us.”

The terrorism door swings both ways. Militias are set up to help out in times of war, but also for when the government oversteps the bounds we place on them. They’re nimble enough to pop up whenever there is a need.

Oregon has faced them before, in 2016 Malheur National Wildlife Refuge was taken over to protest federal control. Years later, more than one jury decided that everything those patriots did was within the law provided by our Constitution.

The Malheur occupation ended tragically after the leaders were ambushed by federal agents on the way to a meeting with officials. Spokesman LaVoy Finicum was murdered in the encounter.

Flight is one of a number of tactics used so a vote can’t be carried out and that door also swings both ways. Democrats have used this as well.

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