Activist Art Reminds Public About Obama’s Atrocities

Residents all over New York City woke up Wednesday morning to find “child-sized mannequins in cages,” as part of an “art installation” protesting Barack Obama’s immigration policies.

Progressive New Yorkers were shocked beyond belief to find out that this horrific behavior didn’t occur recently under President Donald Trump, but back in 2014 under Barack Obama.

The Badger & Winters marketing firm was responsible for setting up numerous child filled cages across the city, including one in front of Google’s New York office and near other “major news organizations throughout the city,” CNN reports.

To make things even more realistic, “the displays included audio of children wailing,” purported to be “recordings of actual detained children crying.”

The timing of the activist artwork coincides with the one year anniversary of when the media first exposed Obama’s cruelty.

As Business Insider reported last June:

“Several former Obama administration officials took to social media and news outlets last month to explain a gallery of years-old photos that showed immigrant children sleeping in shoddy conditions at a government-run holding facility in Arizona.”

What started out as a smear campaign against President Trump totally backfired on liberals. Even a former Obama administrator was caught up in the scandal.

Jon Favreau, a speechwriter for Obama, “shared the photos, mistakenly believing they depicted the Trump administration’s treatment of immigrant children who were forcibly separated from their parents.”

“This is happening right now, and the only debate that matters is how we force our government to get these kids back to their families as fast as humanly possible,” he tweeted.

as soon as he learned the photos were from 2014, he immediately deleted the tweet.

In apology, Favreau admitted he didn’t check the dates before posting the photos, and tried to explain that the kids were in cages because of “an influx of unaccompanied minors who showed up at the border.”

Conservatives say thank you for proving our point.

Eight of the artwork cages were taken away by NYPD police, who refused to tell CNN why they were taken down.

According to Madonna Badger, CEO of the public relations company, they put up a total of 25 cages and all of them were removed by the police.

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