Democrats Furious That Justice Department Officials Are Upholding The Constitution.

President Donald Trump’s administration is in an all out war with the Democrats and doing everything in their power to preserve the Constitution and what it stands for, while liberal Democrats have been using every dirty trick in the book to defeat the safeguards provided by our founding fathers.

It seems like everything reported by the main stream network media is the exact opposite of the truth.

When Robert Mueller’s witch hunt into non-existent collusion between President Trump and the Russians was finally over, Democrats refused to accept the final findings.

Ever since, they have been unlawfully demanding that Attorney General William Barr and others in the Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation hand over underlying records and documents, so that the Democrats can continue to sift through them, looking for any shred of hope to hang impeachment proceedings on.

The House Judiciary Committee, who’s chairman is Trump hating Democrat Jerrod Nadler of New York, wants to grill the Attorney General over the blacked out portions of Mueller’s report. Mr. Barr refused to comply with the subpoena and vows not to turn over the entire, uncut version of Mueller’s findings.

The Democrats also sent a subpoena off to former White House lawyer Don McGahn. They want him to likewise come in for interrogation over non-existent obstruction issues. As USA today notes,

“McGahn defied his subpoena under a White House claim of executive privilege, as have other former aides who spoke to investigators about the president’s actions.”

They’re in negotiations with Mueller now to get his sworn testimony, even though the grand inquisitor told the world at his infamous press conference that he said all he has to say in his report and would much prefer to simply go into hiding for a while.

Democrats on the hill are going more spastic every day as their demands run into a wall.

Department of Justice officials are standing on the letter of the law and refusing to provide documents which should rightly stay confidential.

Experts, according to USA Today, are advising Democrats about the risks.

“Testimony from McGahn and other officials would let Americans hear about Trump’s conduct from people who witnessed it. But if the probes don’t turn up compelling evidence that people can see for themselves, voters could have questions about whether the investigations were worthwhile or legitimate.”

“I see tension over the desire to seek impeachment,” former federal prosecutor John Marston agrees.  “If it comes to nothing,” all it will do in the end is “energize the base that supported Trump.”

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2 Replies to “Democrats Furious That Justice Department Officials Are Upholding The Constitution.”

  1. Funny , the base that support the president grows steadily as the Democratic party implodes.there is nobody to challenge the guy who gassed up America again.put us back to work, brought factories home.etc lowest unemployment rate in 50 years , record employment for minorities.finally standing up to China!! ALL ABOARD THE TRUMP TRAIN!

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