AOC Mini Me Has A Friend Mini Ilhan Omar And She’s Ready To Make America Laugh Again

First came ‘AOC Mini Me’, to give us a hilarious take on the Simpleminded Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Now comes ‘Mini Ilhan Omar’, and her take on the Anti-Semite, Hate-America Muslim lawmaker from Minnesota.

We don’t have all the details of Mini-Me Ilhan Omar but we will soon.

Right now we know Mini Ilhan Omar’s @MiniIlhanMN account is being managed by Mom /

Mini-Me played by Ava Martinez, 8, of Lake Forest, Ca., posted some hilarious videos of her impersonating Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

Here are links to The AOC Mini Me videos

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In her first video Mini-me Ilhan Omar says:

“Greetings, as-Salaam-Alaikum. To my family and friends, I say salutations,” she says. “You may have seen my friend, AOC. She’s a cool person. I’m a little cooler.

“My name is Ilhan Omar and I am the first woman of color from Minnesota to serve in Congress. We came a long way from Somal — Uh, I mean, Minnesota — and now I’m her at the White House.

“I am happy to be Donald Trump’s equal,” says the mini-version of the first-term lawmaker, who has been in the job since January. “Women of color, like me and AOC, shows that anyone can make it in America. I am a refugee and I’ve done so much for refugees that I think we should make all illegal immigration legal immigration so anybody can come to America without background checks.

“My fellow congresswoman, AOC, has put out a new deal, called the Green New Deal. I think if we put out the Green New Deal, it will help all of the undocumented immigrants first. Those are the people I think deserve to get American taxpayer dollars before Americans.

“We need to tear down the border so my Somali family — uh, I mean, undocumented immigrants — can come into our nation.”


After Poor Mini Ilhan Omar was cut off she continued…


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