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President Trump Ridicules ‘Mini Me’ London Mayor Sadiq Khan And NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

President Donald Trump ripped into London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Sunday night — calling him to a “shorter” version of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The president made the remarks ahead of his flight to London, where he said has no intention to meet with London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan — who recently called Trump a “global threat.”

“No, I don’t think much of him,” Trump told reporters of Khan outside the White House Sunday. “I think he’s, he’s the twin of de Blasio, except shorter.”

The relationship between President Trump and the dynamic duo of dimwitted mayors Khan and de Blasio has been anything but cordial.

Khan gave clearance to fly the resistance Baby Trump blimp, and Trump made fun of the cutlery hating Muslim mayor. After the London surpassed NYC in murder, the Muslim Mayor responded by banning all knives, included the oh, so dangerous butter ones.

Earlier this month, shortly after corrupt NYC mayor Bill de Blasio announced his moronic presidential-bid, becoming the 287th Democrat running in 2020, President Trump called de Blasio the “worst mayor in the history of New York City.”

The hypocrite De Blasio responded with his own mud-slinging, referring to Trump as a “con artist” and dubbing him “Con Don” during an appearance on “Good Morning America,”

The goofy de Blasio’s “Good Morning America,” coming out party didn’t go so well, as NYC residents standing outside ridiculing their ass clown of a Mayor’s 2020 announcement.

Angry NYC residents could be heard on TV serenading their doofus Mayor with “Liar” as the interview was broadcast live from GMA’s Times Square studio.

President Trump left Sunday night for the United Kingdom, the first stop of a five-day trip to Europe.

When the Queen invited President Trump for a State visit, London Muslim Mayor was upset claiming Trump doesn’t deserve to be honored with a State Dinner.

But Donald Trump got the last laugh after Queen Elizabeth essentially told Sadiq Khan ‘NO ONE INVITED YOU.’

After the State Dinner the President will also visit Ireland to meet the prime minister, then head to France to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy.

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  1. Good article . So the best part is the NYC residents shouting “LIAR!” outside when the interview is being made. President Trump is right!! They’re both useless!! Ha!

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