Vile Pattern Of Rape And Abuse For AZ Nursing Home

A comatose woman in an Arizona Nursing facility, Hacienda Healthcare, made headlines when she gave birth earlier this year.

The patient, who’s name has been withheld to protect her privacy has been incapacitated since she was 3-years-old. She is 29 now. If that wasn’t bad enough, new and startling revelations have just been uncovered.

Obviously, considering her physical condition, there is no way she could have given consent to any kind of sexual encounter, so she had to have been raped in order to become pregnant. After delivering the infant, doctors are now alerting the public that what really happened is much worse than originally known.

Not a single one of her professional medical caregivers noticed that she had been “violently and repeatedly raped.” Not only that, she may have been impregnated more than once.

The family has notified the state that they will be filing suit seeking $45 million in damages after doctors found the additional evidence. According to court documents, physical examination revealed old lacerations which had healed over and noted that they “were not caused as a result of this delivery.”

Hacienda HealthCare employee Nathan Sutherland

In January, Hacienda HealthCare employee Nathan Sutherland was arrested on charges of sexual assault and abuse of a vulnerable adult. He pleaded not guilty and will have his day in court.

The family’s attorney, John Micheaels, told the local NBC affiliate that when the family was notified of a possible earlier pregnancy, it came as a total surprise. “that was the opinion of the person that examined her,” Micheaels relates. “At a minimum, there were repeated violations.” The doctors are sure, based on actual scars. “How certain anyone is of a prior pregnancy, I don’t know,” he added.

Despite being under full time professional care at the facility,

“Hacienda staff failed to accurately assess or diagnose the hardened mass in (the woman’s) distended abdomen, her significant weight gain, and swollen genitalia and lower extremities.”

Instead of doing their jobs, her doctors misdiagnosed her condition and treated her for constipation. To address the weight she was gaining, they reduced her calorie count. That alone could have injured the growing fetus.

The documents filed with the court allege that according to the family, they believe she was “raped multiple times” over a period of months, or possibly years. The facility also allegedly broke a promise to the family that only female caregivers would attend to the woman’s needs.

The state of Arizona also shares liability for the incident because they are responsible for oversight of the facility. The Attorney General’s office verifies that an official notice of claim has been filed in the matter and refused to speak further, other than to say they’re well lawyered up for it. Instead of normal state attorneys handling the case, “the state is represented by outside counsel.”

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