Maxine Waters Calls Trump A ‘Traitor,’ ‘Fornicator’ In Unhinged Tweetstorm

Mad Maxine Waters keeps the Democrats Post-Mueller Report Crazy Train rolling down the tracks.

Maxine Waters tweetstorm was made even more hysterical, because Mad Maxine, who yearly makes the top 10 most corrupt members of Congress, is so delusional she still believes she has credibility when trying to call someone else a criminal.

Once again, I don’t think Maxine Waters definition of “Dictator” is the same as everyone else outside the Democrat party.

Because if President Trump was trying to be a dictator, he’s pretty much is doing the complete opposite of what a Dictator would be doing.

Unhinged Mad Maxine

The last couple of years has brought newfound fame to 118-year-old Auntie Maxie Pad because of her blustering how She, and She Alone will impeach 45.

But since the deranged Democrats conned the American voter into giving them back control of the House in 2018, things have not gone Mad Maxine’s way.

In fact, this latest Maxine Waters unhinged moment is just a carryover from last weeks frustration of the mob not getting their way on impeachment.

No matter how much they get their panties all twisted in knots, or how hard they stamp their feet, or how loud their screeching to the sky becomes, Nancy Pelosi refuses to let the mob rule the House of Representatives.

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