Democrats In Panic As Trump To ‘Expose Everything’

President Trump has the Democrats running in all different directions, trying to find ways to cover their tracks, because a lot of them will soon be in serious trouble. “Spying on a political campaign is a big deal,” Attorney General William Barr points out.

The Democrats are in panic mode, the only strategy they can think of is to rush impeachment proceedings, which could prove fatal to their job security in the very near future, by dividing their voter base.

“They’ll be able to see how this hoax, how this witch hunt started, why it started. It was an attempted coup or an attempted take-down of the President of the United States.”

On Friday, President Donald Trump told the press that they are about to see some real “transparency” for a change. The American public, the president insists, will soon “be able to see how this hoax, how this witch hunt started, why it started.” The whole Russia collusion investigation “was an attempted coup or an attempted take-down of the President of the United States.”

Things are only going to get hotter and hotter for former top officials in Barack Obama’s administration in upcoming days. The President’s characterization of Robert Mueller’s unwarranted investigation as “an attempted coup,” is supported by hard facts and evidence, unlike the relentless investigation just ended. Once all the facts come together they could add up to an act of treason.

When Barr gets done assembling all those facts, he is expected to go after the offenders with the hammer of the law. During the Revolutionary war, they used to hang or shoot people that committed treason. It is still punishable by death.

“We’re exposing everything. We’re being – a word that you like – ‘transparent.'”

Trump talked to reporters about how the Democrats are unhappy with the Muller report, that they want a redo, not seeing that every conservative American agrees with Mueller’s findings. “It’s over. There is no redo. They lost.”

The president wants everyone to know the truth on how the investigation started, advising the gathered reporters “we’re exposing everything.” As he noticed the mainstream network reporters were turning green at the thought, he added. “We’re being – a word that you like – ‘transparent.”

Attorney General Barr wields some real power. On Thursday, the President issued a memo granting the AG full authority to declassify intelligence reports from all of our various intelligence agencies, which would include the FBI, CIA and NSA among others. The President also formally ordered these intelligence communities to “fully cooperate” with the investigators.

“The heads of elements of the intelligence community… and the heads of each department or agency that includes an element of the intelligence community shall promptly provide such assistance and information as the Attorney General may request in connection with that review.”

Trump has told the nation time and time again, that his campaign was a victim of spying. The intelligence community is using the excuse that they acted “in full compliance of the law,” simply running down leads developed in the Russian investigation, but there is a lot of evidence already in the public forum to dispute that claim.

“I think spying did occur. The question is whether it was adequately predicated,” Barr testified last month. “Congress is usually very concerned with intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies staying in their proper lane. Spying on a political campaign is a big deal.”

Separately, The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants involving Carter Page, which form the basis of the investigation, are currently being looked at by the Justice Department’s inspector general, Michael Horowitz. His probe is digging into possible illegal actions to trick the court into issuing the warrants. That investigation will put Christopher Steele, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, James Comey and many other high ranking Obama officials under the microscope.

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2 Replies to “Democrats In Panic As Trump To ‘Expose Everything’”

  1. Why want the D.O. J. do their job & with all the evidence they have received, prosecute those in both 114th & 115th Congress who have committed Treason, obstructed justice, identity fraud by producing fake birth certificate, purposely providing false documents to the FISA court so that Hillary & President Soetoro & their cabinet personnel could spy on those belonging to a Conservative Party. Those in the DOJ who are blocking prosecutions are in themselves committing Treason against this Nation & therefore should be hung by our Military Code of Justice!

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