Ilhan Omar: House Subpoena Can’t be Ignored It’s The Law… Better Tell Obama, Hillary, and Eric Holder

Ilhan Omar claims that a House Subpoena can’t be ignored because it’s the law.

It’s also a law not to perjure yourself in front of a judge, and also marry your brother like she’s done… Just sayin!

Ilhan Omar whined something about ‘you must comply with a House subpoena because it’s the law,’ of course, this little bit of hilarity was brought to you by the “do as I say, not as I do’ Democrat party.

In 2013 the late Sen. John McCain blasted President Barack Obama for allowing administration officials to ignore congressional subpoenas for information and for setting up private email accounts to conduct government business out of public view.

McCain voiced particular displeasure with Thomas Perez, Obama’s controversial nominee for Labor secretary, McCain wrote:

“Last March, these e-mails were subpoenaed by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.  However, Mr. Perez has only turned over 34 of the 1,200 e-mails.”

“Mr. Perez’s case is not the only time your administration has avoided disclosing subpoenaed information,”

“During the Fast and Furious investigation, Attorney General Eric Holder was cited for contempt when he refused to turn over subpoenaed documents.”

Queen Hillary

Then there was the time that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who received a subpoena to turn over her servers and phones, and all work-related emails.

Instead, Queen Hillary, believing she would be coronated in November 2016, bleach bit her bathroom servers to death, then took all her old phones and hammered them into itsy bitsy phones with a hammer, rock or maybe they just used Hillary’s back brace.

When Congress tried to Subpoena her IT guy to get some answers about her email while you poop bathroom server, from Bryan Pagliano Hillary’s IT guru, he simply ignored the subpoena.

When the Republicans majority tried to hold Pagliano in contempt of Congress… The Democrats slammed the decision as a diabolical political game.

Eric Holder

Holder’s claim to fame was established during the Fast and Furious investigation.

When he was President Obama’s AG and he and Obama flat out not only lied to Congress but then the and Obama took it a step further when they refused the House Subpoena to hand over all the Documents related to the program.

Oh, BTW People were actually killed because of Obama’s Fast and Furious program.

Eric Holder is now more famously known as the first U.S. Attorney General in United States History to be held in contempt of Congress.

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  1. Since when does she have any right to go after the President Of The United States Of America when she is not who she claims she is! She is a Illegal Somalian Immigrant and that’s all she is! Because I will never forget the day that she was swore in as well, no not on a Holy Bible a Evil Koran book! Not only that she cheated during the midterm elections back in 2016! And this is how you got in power! Typical the Liberal party..

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