96-Year-Old Vet Blows Roof Off Stadium With National Anthem Harmonica Jam

96-year-old Pete DuPré blew the roof off Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey with an unbelievable harmonica rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner.” The stunning performance began with a wave of his WWII veteran’s cap to the fans.

On Sunday, DuPré fired up the crowd so much before our U.S. women’s national soccer team faced off against Mexico that they just had to win the match. U.S. scored three to Mexico’s zero and earned a slot in the FIFA World cup which gets underway June 7 in Paris, France. The team hasn’t lost a match since January.

This isn’t the first time the World War Two veteran has played the national anthem for large crowds, he earned the nickname of “Harmonica Pete” for his talented renditions. This performance, just before Memorial Day, was something unusually spectacular.

DuPré was stationed in Kidderminster, England during World War II as a medic. He served in the 114th General Hospital Unit for three years treating soldiers from across Europe that were wounded in front-line combat.

In a separate event, held this past January, DuPré was privileged to meet all the members of our women’s soccer team on Omaha Beach in Normandy, France. Player Carli Lloyd, The team’s center midfielder, was thrilled, calling it one of the best things she ever participated in off the field. On the team’s official Twitter page, they let Pete know exactly how they felt about him. “We love Pete so much.” Heart’s and crying emojis emphasized their feelings.

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