OPINION: Donald Trump, Billionaire Underdog

It’s hard to imagine a billionaire like the great Donald J. Trump could be considered an underdog but he is. How can a billionaire be an underdog? Is it possible?

Trump gets no salary for his work as president, he donates it regularly back into the government accounts, targeted to where he feels it will do the most good.  He has left a life of luxury and ease to become the 45th President. He even had to fumigate the White House before he moved in.

What does he get for his selflessness? He gets bashed and ridiculed at every turn, which must take a toll on his psyche. Despite working awfully long hours, which is his “way,” believing hard work is the key success, there are calls to Impeach him.

There is no possible way he can be impeached because he has done nothing wrong, at least nothing rising anywhere near the level required for impeachment, but this is all that the network media talks about these days. Many Americans find it nauseating.

In the past, even Barack Obama has said that Donald J. Trump is the epitome of the American dream. Many feel that the “dream” is now all but forgotten by the men and women of the United States of America.

The movie stars spend so much hate and negative energy on bashing President Trump that it makes you wonder if there’s some hidden agenda.

Being the underdog is part of the allure that makes him so loved by his rather large group of supporters. President Trump also represents the silent majority, so it isn’t much of a surprise that he won an election obviously rigged against him. The silent majority who quietly went to the voting booth and cast their vote for him also feel like underdogs, cut out of their government by the elite lawmakers who pander only to special interests.

President Trump loves his supporters, where his counterpart in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton held hers in contempt. She had the nerve to say some nasty things about the stupidity of her own followers.

Recently, Scott Morrison of Australia has similarly leveraged the underdog role to his followers delight. The Australian patriot won his election and his equally patriotic citizens were delighted.

The voters are smart enough to recognize the truth when they see it. Morrison and Trump were both elected because each of them is ‘Authentic and Real.’

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4 Replies to “OPINION: Donald Trump, Billionaire Underdog”

  1. I am an Independent Conservative, that would never think of voting democratic. Staunch Trump supporter. I share his anger and disdain for those factions, even in the GOP party, that will not give it all in support of President Trump!The swamp dwellers are all over DC and fester like a malignant growth! It has to be frustrating dealing with these phony lowlifes on a daily basis! In the private industry, none of these government workers would ever hold onto their jobs! We had control of the House and Senate and still stymied his agenda! Unbelievable corruption and deceit in DC! I am pulling for President Trump. He is my last hope to ever identify the swamp and get rid of them once and for good! If he doesn’t do it, when will someone ever?

    1. yes.. I think that they the Elite are orchestrating and rigging every thing and the average Joe Blow democrat has nothing to do with the corruption, they are guilty of being naive and believing the news without question.. Thank you so much for your comment!

  2. True…. POTUS Trump and Melania have been wrongly accused and under appreciated. He is a winner and I support him always!! Greatest President ever. Will be hard to fill his shoes when he can no longer be President.

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