IGNORANT: Ilhan Omar Calls Americans Ignorant

As a guest on a podcast, Democratic congresswoman and Somalian refugee Ilhan Omar had this to say about Americans: “Ignorance really is pervasive in many parts of this country,” while talking about the immigration system and the refugee relocation programs.

“Republicans are really good at misinformation… reorganizing facts to sort of paint a picture that really eventually is not rooted in fact,” she also stated. This is the same Ilhan Omar that appears ignorant about the events of 9/11 saying that “some people did some things.”

Some conservatives say Representative Omar is one of the most hypocritical people in Congress. She seems to call Americans ignorant while demonstrating ignorance herself. She calls religious people frustrating – while claiming  to be a religious person herself, and she calls Americans bigoted, while arguably a bigot herself.

Many Americans feel that Ilhan Omar wants to have her cake and eat it too. She has come to the greatest country in the world from a third world nation without a functioning government. She came here as a ‘refugee,’ likely fleeing some made up tragedy in order to come here.

Somehow, she managed to win an election despite many voices questioning her experience and knowledge of the American legal system. She now sits in Congress, making laws that affect every single American. Maybe it’s time to prevent people who were not born here from serving as elected officials.

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3 Replies to “IGNORANT: Ilhan Omar Calls Americans Ignorant”

  1. I’d like to thank the Idiots from Minnesota for sending us this American hating ingrate to Washington, where she can gum up the works, waste taxpayer time and money, with her hatred and foolishness. Really Minnesota, what were you thinking ? And I thought my ex State, Massachusetts was bad, and they are, but this is insanity

  2. We may be “IGNORANT” according to YOUR limited definition; But, we Conservatives figured YOU out long before your “Basic Training’ by the Radical Left was even OVER! Three descriptive words; “Ungrateful America Hater”!

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