A Giant Three Ring Circus

These days it seems like there is a giant circus happening on Capitol Hill that never ends. We hear talk about it, see it on the news day and night, even dream about it.

In the first ring this week, we have a settlement that doesn’t settle anything. Harvey Weinstein, and the independent studio he co-founded with his brother Bob, jointly agreed to pay a whopping $44 million dollars to numerous women who accused the scandalized producer of assaulting them sexually.

Instead of punishing Weinstein for his actions, or the studio for letting him get away with it, the studio’s insurance company will be stuck with the tab. The plaintiffs will get $30 million in damages while $14 million is earmarked for legal fees, making the attorneys very happy. The ironic part is that despite the huge judgement, Harvey Weinstein is not out of trouble. Criminal charges are still pending in the state of New York.

In the next ring, Nancy Pelosi called on the president’s family and staff to hold “an intervention.” The Speaker of the House was miffed that President Trump would be offended by her false claim that he was “engaged in a cover-up” concerning the Russia collusion witch-hunt. Her unfounded accusations caused him to cut short a scheduled meeting with Democratic lawmakers.


Nancy Pelosi thinks that “the president would benefit from an intervention.”

Responding to Pelosi’s remarks at a White House press conference, the president quipped, “I watched Nancy and she was all crazy yesterday… I have been watching her for a long period of time. She’s not the same person. She’s lost it.” President Trump on the other hand dismissed Pelosi’s fantasies by calling himself “an extremely stable genius.”

$14.5 billion will go directly to the affected farmers.

The final ring puts President Trump directly in the spotlight, demonstrating just how much he loves this country. Donating his pay to charities, and standing up for our military and first responders, is only the beginning.

President Trump just announced a $16 billion dollar relief package designed to help our nation’s farmers to weather the effects of the trade war with China. Last year he provided a similar offset measure. Out of those funds, $14.5 billion will go directly to the affected farmers, $1.4 billion is slated for schools and food banks, and $100 million will be directed toward building new markets for U.S. trade goods.




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