Targeted Violence Against Conservatives Appears Real

by Cherylynn Costner:
The foundation of a free society is the right to vote freely for the candidate of your choice, right?  Why then all the millions spent on hunting for “needles within hay stacks” for anything that might appear that Donald J. Trump’s victory over criminal felon suspect Hillary R. Clinton could possibly be some kind of Russian scam, and to date, all the piles of evidence against her still seem to only gather dust instead of prosecution?
Two years and $25M later and still no crimes against our brave and loyal president of “We the People” and the Deep State is going on full throttle attack of his supporters.  We see that President Trump has lead the way, not just for us here in the USA, but been an example for people and leaders around the world to stand up for their culture and national sovereignty.  Yellow Vestors have spread across Europe and are being attacked with tear gas, water canons and brute force of batons and boots.  In America, we still have our guns which the Yellow Vests gave up a long time ago.  Has our west coast 9th Circuit Court states decided to hunt us down, hurt us and hold us back with military grade weapons that delay the death or just burn us out so we lose our tools and are too distracted by sheer survival to speak out anymore?
Liberal states may already be employing Killer Apps and or DEW Pyro-Terrorism toward silencing conservatives and suppressing republican Votes while inviting in illegals to dilute the American Votes.  Perhaps letting Hillary Clinton off the hook while fishing for anything at all against the sitting president gave them the idea that they can continue to rape, pillage and plunder with impunity.  The technology to do just this has been in existence for years and fire fighters have reported signatures of DEW in the conservative strong hold of Paradise, California. Just a coincidence?
Evidence suggests that indeed Conservatives are under attack by the Deep State Trump Haters. What other explanation could there be for the Griffen Fire Department that was a mere 1.2 miles away and an estimated 4 minute drive to have failed to arrive for an estimated half an hour to protect the house until after it was fully engulfed in flames with roof flames reaching up the trees way over head?  Had the residence been anti-Trump or at least held her Pro-American opinion to herself could they or would they have jumped to the task of protecting the home rather than allowing the burning her out of the leased rental property?
Was my New Year’s celebration cover picture (above) part of the cause to deprive me of my right to Equal Protection of the law as a resident of Olympia, Washington? Why was the house allowed to burn and why did the fire department lie about me needing to come back after the flames were put out only to have it boarded up and denied access to keys, computers and other personal belongings that might have been salvageable?
Some people say that the town of Paradise , California, which was a conservative strong hold of the state, was caused by Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW).  They got away with murder, literally.  We need to Stand Strong with Trump and demand Equal Protection of the Law.  How though?  Where do we go for protection?  Write the White House and then what?  Americans are suffering death and destruction and it is not a matter of Fake News or Real News, it is completely blacked out Zero News.
Double standards even leave Congress members lost as to where to go when liberal activists assault and attempt to destroy American lives!

For a list of related links on “Slow Kill” technologies click here or cut and paste address below into your browser:

Please suggest ways to recover damages and return to a standard quality of life for the hundreds, if not thousands of conservatives living in the Hell Holes of the 9th Circuit Court states along the west coast.  Thank God we have Trump in office now.  He is our only hope against the global tyranny of the NWO.
Thank you for your time in reading.  God bless America and #MAGA.

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7 Replies to “Targeted Violence Against Conservatives Appears Real”

    1. Yes, “Trump Defenders should take heed”, however, when I have shared this article on Facebook and I check later to see the interest it comes up with 0 Likes and 0 shares and then later it is deleted or has the share option turned off. The house fire is one more example, but in other attacks against me as a conservative I have been denied medical assistance when taken to ER by ambulance. The problem is that in liberal states no matter who you turn to for help, they are afraid to be targeted also if they dare assist in protecting a conservative and their civil rights. The problem is way out of control but now that pyro-terrorism is involved in California and Washington states, a formal investigation needs to be launched, but by who. Both states want illegals over US citizens and see us as damaging their illegal voter base because true American’s have become tired of the same BS year after year and want America back from the arms of Obama-era-tyranny.

      Please Share to help inform others of the clear and present danger spreading across the western states. Suggestions on how we can get government protection is also welcomed. There must be a way to get protection as Americans, right? But if the authorities have had their hands tied by the Deep State, it is only asking for more trouble to reach out to them. Please try to suggest resources for help before more conservatives are denied their right to Equal Protection of the Law, Due Process and right to pursuit of Happiness and comfortable and peaceful enjoyment of their homes.

    1. Try moving your cursor to top left side of page and wiggle it around and the share options should slide out. I do not have to do that on my end, but perhaps that is what you need to do on your device.

  1. The Trump Times lost their Facebook page, and so did the top editors. Thank you Jennifer for adding that fact that the targeting to silence conservatives is well established in online communications by some social networking sites. This article was one that got shadow blocked. They want people to stay uninformed, but we still try to get the word out and pray that an end will come to the bigotry and hate. It should be illegal but no one prosecutes the social networking giants from the conservative side, or have people tried?

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