Is Soros Funding the Caravan?

by Daveda Gruber:

It is a matter of time until they reach the US border. The problem is, how to we stop them?

This illegal migration has people who are un-vetted and coming to invade America.

I’ve thought about this long and hard; have Democrats instigated this force of people to test President Trump? Is this the ‘November Surprise’ that the Democrats have up their sleeves? They are unstable and desperate and will try anything.

You must never forget that Democrats will stop at nothing to win. They really don’t care who lives or dies along the way.

It cannot be a coincidence that these illegal migrants are coming here just before the midterms.

One Twitter user, Jack Murphy, agrees:

Now a Republican Congressman is questioning where all this started. Who is giving money to these people? Who is providing buses and other vehicles? Who is paying?

Is this a George Soros funded plot? He’s done unspeakable things before. He pays protestors in this country. Has he expanded his horizon?

Soros has been convicted in France for insider trading. Soros’ organizations have been banned from Russia.

It does not seem unlikely that he produced this Caravan with the help of his paid organizers to flood the US border just before the midterm elections in November.

What say you? I like to hear from you in the comment section below.

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12 Replies to “Is Soros Funding the Caravan?”

  1. If George Soros is backing this invasion, them he is trying to overthrow our government. This is treason and he should be arrested and shot for treason.

    1. The US cannot afford to feed, educate, give healthcare, house and generally pay for all these people who come without an extra set of clothes. Our own citizens are living on the streets. Thank you for commenting.

  2. Pope Francis is in on all of this. I am a devout Catholic and we devout all know our corrupt Pope has ties to Obama, Clintons and Soros. “So goeth the Church, so goes a Nation.” Our Church is split with half of the Bishops pushing the lbgt agenda and the other half of “good and holy” Bishops pushing traditional Church teaching. So, if our Church is split that means the above quote is true. Pope hates Trump. Trump has to investigate every single diocese for homosexual clergy assaulting seminarians and it looks as though he is. In the details of the investigation you will find Pope Francis who, by the way, was planted by the Freemasons to corrupt our Holy Church. Pope Francis is saying it’s a clerical problem. We all know it’s a homosexual problem and Pope is only protecting his active homosexual priests since he himself is an active homosexual predator. Trump may be the only person to get our Pope to resign. We Catholics can’t make him resign and beleive me we would of we could. We need investigations by Trump to clean up our Church that’s is under attack by the liberal left, disgusting agenda and Obama, Clinton’s and Soros are all involved and have teamed up with our corrupt Pope.

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