The Nitty-Gritty of the Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford

by Jeffrey M. Gresio:

Lets for a minute ignore the fact that Psychologist/Researcher and Liberal college professor Christine Blasey Ford, is an anti-Trump activist.

Let’s for a minute ignore the fact that Christine Blasey Ford is a registered Democrat and Hitlery Clinton donor. That Christine Blasey Ford is also a Pink Pussy Hat wearing activist following in the footsteps of, I wanna blow up the White House Madonna and I am a ‘Nasty Women’ Ashley Judd.

Let’s for a minute ignore the fact that anti-Wall activist, and sanctuary city supporter is among thousands of activist medical professionals who signed onto a Physicians for Human Rights letter in June decrying the practice of separating children from their parents at the border and urging the Trump administration to stop it.

Let’s for a minute ignore the fact that Brett Kavanaugh’s mother was the presiding judge over a foreclosure case involving Christine Blasey Ford’s parents.

Let’s for a minute ignore the fact that Christine Blasey Ford is in disagreement with her own therapist’s notes regarding the 30+ year old incident, stating that her therapist’s notes are inaccurate. even though she herself has stated she does not remember many of the specifics from back then, other than the name of the accused and the incident itself.  All the peripheral stuff is a blur.

But here are some things that can’t be ignored.  Things that go beyond coincidence and probability and deserve a skeptical eye when considering what is at stake here, coupled with the dirty tactics of the Democrats in the past.

Can we ignore that Ralph Blasey III, Christine Ford’s brother was formerly employed at the D.C. offices of Baker & Hostetler LLP. That’s the same firm that made payments over over half a million dollars to Fusion GPS. However, Ralph Blasey III was NOT with Baker & Hostetler LLP at the time of the Trump-Russia dossier formulation. Blasey left Baker & Hostetler LLP in 2004.

The very fact that Christine Blasey Ford’s brother once worked for Baker & Hostetler LLP that paid Fusion GPS $523,651 between March 7, 2016 and Oct. 31, 2016, is beyond the pale of coincidences when looking at the big picture.  Even though the payments were made after Blasey III left Baker & Hostetler LLP, one has to wonder (and investigate) his connections with the law firm. He may have had no knowledge at all of the payment. Ralph Blasey might have had ZERO influence with the payment.

But since the Christine Ford and the Democrats are trying to muck up the nomination and confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, Ralph Blasey’s connections to Baker & Hostetler LLP still need to be investigated.

Christine Blasey Ford is a clinical psychology professor at Palo Alto University in California. Christine Blasey Ford has also taught and worked at Stanford University since 1988, according to a Holton-Arms’ alumni magazine, the Bethesda, Maryland, school from where she graduated, The Wall Street Journal reported. She teaches at both schools in consortium, according to the newspaper.

Why is the latter important?

Let me share an article with from an overseas publication, By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers September 17, 2018, in the Impious Digest.

Daughter Of CIA Assassin Paymaster Tries To Bring Down Trump Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh.

An intriguing in-depth new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that a Stanford University Psychiatry Professor named Dr. Christine Blasey has become the latest centerpiece of a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) plot to harm President Trump with her last-minute allegation, just days prior to US Senate confirmation, that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had attempted to sexually assault her over 30 years ago when they were teenage school children—while being kept from the American people about Dr. Blasey is that she currently oversees the CIA Undergraduate Internship Program Stanford University developed by the notorious CIA-connected Stanford University Psychiatric Professor Dr. Frederick T. Melges—who himself, in 1985, took into his care the homeless woman Lois Lang who assassinated CIA paymaster Nick Deak—and that afterwards saw the CIA’s black operations monies being controlled by Ralph G. Blasey Jr.—who, not so mysteriously, just happens to be the father of Dr. Christine Blasey.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, with Trump being warned, just prior to his assuming the presidency, by the powerful Democratic Party US Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer that US intelligence services “have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you”, this past nearly two years has shown just how prescient this warning was—and whose latest “strike back” against Trump is coming courtesy of a rogue CIA faction who have just trotted out for public display Dr. Christine Blasey (married name Christine Blasey Ford)—who claims that as a young high school teenager Brett Kavanaugh, also a high school teenager, tried to sexually assault her—but whose “evidence” for this being true shows Dr. Blasey unable to name the exact year it happened, her not remembering where the incident took place or how she got home, her not being able to remember key details of the incident, her not remembering how the gathering came together the night of the incident, and her not telling anyone else about at the time—but should be expected to be the case from an unproven salacious allegation of this sort as it comes from a woman supporting the Democratic Party and who, also, hates President Trump.

As the “Deep State” aligned US mainstream propaganda media began flooding the airwaves, newspapers and internet with Dr. Blasey’s claims against Judge Kavanaugh, that have absolutely no proof or evidence behind anyone could ever investigate, this report continues, SVR intelligence analysts were immediately able to bring up her file in the archive of known and/or suspected CIA operatives—and whose placement in this file was due to her extensive and advanced educational training at Stanford University in the CIA-funded mind control-brainwashing techniques developed by Stanford University Psychiatric Professor Dr. Frederick T. Melges—whose primary mission for the CIA was to develop new technologies for interrogation and torture, secondary applications going towards studying the possibilities of exploiting highly “suggestible” subjects and getting them to do things — murders, couriers — they wouldn’t otherwise do, and of which they would have no memory in case they were caught.

Linked to Dr. Blasey’s SVR file of known and/or suspected CIA operatives, this report notes, is that of her father Ralph G. Blasey Jr.—a proven CIA operative who, from June-1962 to January-1974, was the Vice President of National Savings and Trust of Washington, D.C.—a CIA black budget bank best known for being 100 paces from the White House, and whom, in 1998, was taken over by SunTrust Bank—whose majority share owner is the CIA-linked investment fund Black Rock.

The importance of noting the CIA banking connections of Ralph G. Blasey Jr., this report explains, is due to the outbreak of what is now known as the “CIA Bank War”—and whose start of, in 1982, a CIA seized from publication news report (Declassified in Part-Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/09/05: CIA-RDP90-00965R00150010-7) describes as: “This is Wall Street, the center of the international banking system, a system on the edge of a crisis so severe that the Central Intelligence Agency is preparing drastic measures.  Something must be done to avert the breakdown of the Free World’s monetary system.”

The main CIA operative involved in this war, and whom Ralph G. Blasey Jr. reported to, this report details, was Nicholas Deak—a longtime OSS and CIA operative, both during and after World War II, who ran the CIA’s main black budget operations under the direct command of the feared CIA Counterintelligence Chief James Jesus Angleton.

To how the CIA prevented the total breakdown of the Western banking system in 1982, this report says, was by their illegally laundering hundreds-of-millions of dollars of Colombian drug cartel cash into it to keep it afloat in an operation overseen by the CIA’s “James Bond of Money” Nickolas Deak—but when the President Ronald Reagan administration found out what the CIA had done, and started investigating it, saw Deak, on 19 November 1985, being assassinated in his New York City office by a homeless woman named Lois Lang—who had mysteriously managed to travel thousands-of-miles across the United States from Seattle to conduct this killing in what news reports at the time described as:

“Lang saw him and turned the corner with purpose, aiming the pistol with both arms.

When she had Deak in her sights, she froze, transfixed. “It was as if she’d finally found what she was looking for,” a witness later testified.

Deak seized the pause to lunge and grab Lang’s throat with both hands, pressing his body into hers.

She fired once next to Deak’s ear and missed wide, before pushing him away just enough to bring the gun into his body and land a shot above his heart.

The bullet ricocheted off his collarbone and shredded his organs.

Deak crumbled onto the floor. “Now you’ve got yours,” said Lang.

A witness later claimed she took out a camera and snapped photographs of her victim’s expiring body.

The bag lady then grabbed the banker by the legs, dragged him into his office, and shut the door.”

Though the American people were correctly told that Nicolas Deak assassin Lois Lang had previously been under psychiatric care, this report continues, what was failed to be reported to them was that Lang had been under the direct care and medical supervision of the CIA’s own Stanford University Psychiatric Professor Dr. Frederick T. Melges just prior to her traveling from Seattle to New York City to carry out this assassination—and who was the exact type of assassin Dr. Melges had been working to create in his CIA-funded mind control MKULTRA program—and whose Canadian victims of are still being silenced after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, this past December, imposed a gag order on them to keep them silent—but that does apply to Judge Kavanaugh accuser Dr. Christine Blasey, who remains able to teach her CIA Undergraduate Internship Program at Stanford University the MKULTRA mind control techniques discovered by Dr. Melges.

Like his daughter Dr. Christine Blasey, this report concludes, CIA black money operative Ralph G. Blasey Jr. remains secure, too—and who, today, is the Vice President of Business Development of Red Coats, Inc.—whose Admiral Security Services provides armed security for “Deep State” elites in Washington D.C.—that is overseen by Red Coats, Inc. co-founder and Vice Chairman William F. Peel III—and whose Datawatch Systems, Peel III also controls, has US government contracts extending till 23 June 2023 under the category of 246.42.1 to provide US defense and intelligence agencies with facility management systems to include accessories and repair parts, computerized systems for surveillance, monitoring, controlling, signaling and reporting multiple functions—all of which SVR intelligence analysts believe the American people have the right to know about in their evaluating the claims against Judge Kavanaugh being leveled against him by Dr. Christine Beasley—but who knows if it will ever happen?

September 17, 2018 © EU and US all rights reserved.  Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL..

What you think about this information is entirely up to you.  Curious to say the least.  You can’t help but notice the similarities between this and ultimately how the Left made a false, fake and phony case against Trump with the fallacious Steele Dossier. The more you know.

Ultimately this is about abortion and liberals keeping their unaccountable lifestyle at the expense of the unborn.

How are you enjoying the show so far?

Trust God and keep your powder dry.

Pray for our President and his administration.

God bless America and Patriots Worldwide.

#Covfefe #WWG1WGA #KAG


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50 Replies to “The Nitty-Gritty of the Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford”

  1. First of all, it’s COMPLICATED! The implications are NOT complicated. So many events in this country are intertwined, and that hits home. It Americans knew all that goes on, we would likely be horrified. Somehow, the accuser seems to have been a victim of this ”mind control” taught by the leader of this psychology department in Palo Alto. This is what I took away from this article. The fact that she doesn’t recall…when, where, etc. about this attack. I fear that Feinstein has been duped, or did she also attend this college and receive the same ”treatment” as Blasy-Ford? Do these two know each other, or is this just a coincidence? MIND CONTROL = MIND BLOWING!!

    1. Interesting perspective Lola. I just saw Christine with her family ties to the CIA as an operative. I didn’t think she might be a victim of a secret program that she helps monitor.

      1. Thank you for bringing this to light. I was beginning to think my internet searche for background data on Ford was to be fruitless, as it were, until now. I suspect some whitewashing has taken place. This explains so much. I believed not a word from Ford’s mouth during the testimony.

        1. I am astounded by the comments and this entire article in general. Although, not surprised at all considering the platform. I am not angry about the ignorance portrayed here but deeply saddened by the naivete of those of you that actually believe this mess has any validity. This is why our country has fallen behind many countries in knowledge and education, even third world countries. We are sad as a country and need to get it together.

      2. One explanation might be her age, in that she originally thought it might have been between 1980 and later. Thirteen is a vulnerable age, hormone change, older brother with friends, exposure to them and teenage crushes, beach culture….not driving might not have had a way to get around to know the area. Too young to be drinking, again, one beer could have impact on total situation. Tragic for any young girl who thought she was in friendly situation.

        1. Her first recollection was that she was in her late teen’s and it was late 1980’s. She had to reverse engineer the date to 1982 to find a time when both she and Kavanaugh were in HS. She refuses to release the original therapist notes. The so called polygraph statement has the same corrections as to year (she was asked only two questions) and her statement does not mention Kavanaugh. She was never asked ‘was there a time when you did not know if the person in this event was Kavanaugh’. The thorough scrubbing of her social media should have been investigated, there were obviously things in her social media that needed to be disposed of.

    2. The Democrats play their games, why not Republicans play their own game as well. Confirm Judge Kavanaugh now. We have the vote.

    3. No Wonder Ford wouldn’t release her Medical Records .
      ••Also Deleted Her Social Media devices Information
      •••Flew all over the World then all of a sudden said she was afraid of flying
      ••••? Was her Parents at the Hearing

      I believe it was also reported her best friend deleted hers too.

      1. safeway was not built in that area of MD till 1986, she said this incident happened in 1982, then 6 to 8 weeks later she entered a separate entry at safeway from her mother, also, the reconstruction on the addition of a front door to her home was for entry to rental space in the home, not for claustrophobia.

    4. • No wonder Ford didn’t want to show her medical records
      • Or reveal her Prescription meds
      ((. Must Be Hiding Medical Problems ))
      • Maybe The Reason she gave excuse of not wanting to fly or
      • Why she gave wrong answer cause she couldn’t recall flying in past .
      • She also said She Didn’t Know Committee told her they would come to her .. Even though it was all over the News.
      ••• Ford & Her Best Friend erased all of their Social Media devices before she came forward before her allegation.

    5. It takes the mind of a criminal psychopath to conjure up human torture, but that is exactly what happened when the science of MK Ultra Mind Control evolved out of Nazi death camp experiments and into the CIA. The human mind defends itself by compartmentalization, thus victims of this form of physical/psychological torture experience fractured psyches and develop multiple personalities (alters). Only a psychopath would implement this as a means of weaponizing HUMAN BEINGS. CIA “handlers” control their assets much like you would access various apps on your computer: Enter User Name/Password. Programmed individuals can be “activated” to access specific alters that perform accordingly. The case against Kavanaugh was first programmed into CBF in 2012, when she documented her repressed memory of a sexual assault. The therapists notes never named her alleged attacker, so that “evidence” served as a blank check. After Romney selected Kavanaugh for his short list of nominees, they formulated the Character Assassination plot but didn’t need to launch their CIA asset until Trump selected him. It remains unclear which one of CBF’s alters will cash out the $750K GO FIND ME A #MeToo VICTIM accounts. Her “Little Girl Lost” is underage.


  3. Why shouldn’t we be surprised at the dirty dealings here to detail Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the highest court in the land. Remember people the Truth has no Agenda.

  4. Love the article! So well done! Circumstantial evidence alone would enough to convict her of being a rat! But if this is true about her Dad even remotely being part of the CIA…..good or bad on his part…..if thats TRUE then obviously he has prepared her for how to FOOL a lie detector test. Probably has one in his basement and practiced routinely with her as a little girl. I’m all about hearing out accusations…..even though women like Juanita Broaddrick who accused Bill Clinton of a BRUTAL RAPE….with all the details and recollection….for some reason that was never talked about on CNN and MSNBC….shouldnt the FBI have opened an investigation into Slick Willy? What about Kathy Shelton who as a 12 year old girl who said she was BRUTALLY raped by Thomas Alfred Taylor….and its ON TAPE how Clinton KNEW he was GUILTY! She ADMITS on tape that she sheepishly got him off….go search youtube for Hillary CLinton Rape Video….even CNN covered the ENTIRE admitance by her….on tape??? So if the Dems are REALLY concerned about Rape travesties….I have two of them to look into!!!!

    1. Brad, I concur 100%. All you said about Hitlery is dead on balls accurate. Add to all that, that the gateway pundit has reported that she also submitted a similar letter during the Gorsch nomination.

    2. with a beta blocker polygraph could be passed. Sadly Dr. Ford could have been as young as 13.
      College used to be a safe place for kids to pass the time from 18-21 getting education, learning responsibility to grow up away from parents. Achieving No. 1 in competitive college required discipline and attention to studies to not take eye off goal.but was it a hard major? not like premed.
      Power is what matters to many in govt. and integrity and character, like Christian values is not important to them. Power is what matters because character, integrity and reputation they can take away from you.

  5. Just read first few paragraphs for time being. Thanks. Not being discussed in any of the Trump supportive media I generally view-listen.

  6. When you duddenly become single and go on you soon become aware of the statistic that tje incidence of personality fisorders in the single population is 8 times higher- and 2/3 are women. Tjat is why they are single! You will meet every flavor of nutjob under tje sun until find a sane partner, and you will get your degree in psychology in the university of life. Borderline Personality is frequently encountered within a couple of States of Appallacia, due to the Irish alcohol gene. Characteristics include anxiety,fear of flying, difficulty with intimate relationships, lack og trust, false accusations of spousal infidelity and false acusations of sexual assault by ancient dates, schoolteachers, prists etc.

    1. Wow, Vic – you covered a lot in your comment. And you insulted a lot, too. The “Irish Alcohol Gene” –? Really?? MAYBE you should spend more time on your spelling, as well as statistic/fact checking? Just a suggestion… from one of those nut jobs in Appalachia – with Irish ancestors.

    1. great article! not much intelligence in the intelligence community – sad to see that ANYONE was duped by a jaw dropping unforgettable baby talk performance by the worst actor ever. No good and decent person deserved to hear that cringe, condescending, ignorant voice. It was CIA torture just watching that hideous face!I feel for the janitor who had to clean her seat. get her family in GITMO for the trauma they have caused innocent Americans. Only the most dumbed down would believe this, it is a sad sign of the times that some do. Pray for these lost souls.

    2. Your a looser Mandy.Topical libtard where justice is a word with no meaning.Christian conservatives have honesty and faith,Something that you have never had.Socialist snowflakes like you never prosper without lying.

  7. Just Curious, has a copy of this been given to Trump/Pence and some of the good guys in the Senate, like Lindsey Graham, (the ones who know what’s really going on here) whatta hero!

  8. • No wonder Ford didn’t want to show her medical records
    • Or reveal her Prescription meds
    ((. Must Be Hiding Medical Problems ))
    • Maybe The Reason she gave excuse of not wanting to fly or
    • Why she gave wrong answer cause she couldn’t recall flying in past .
    • She also said She Didn’t Know Committee told her they would come to her .. Even though it was all over the News.
    ••• Ford & Her Best Friend erased all of their Social Media devices before she came forward before her allegation.Ex

  9. Now wasn’t BlaseyFord asked if she spoke to anyone besides her 2 attorneys? We know she didn’t mention the 2 beach friends, one who is(Jim Gensheimer) a reporter for Mercury News. She also said her friends told her to get an attorney and she replied why? We know she said she interviewed some attorneys but never mentioned the ones in her family. There is a Ralph Blasey, Jr,, Ralph Blasey iii, an attorney and Thomas Blasey an attorney in Washington, DC, also appears to be related to Blasey-Ford.
    On Russell Biddle Ford it appears his father was John Bailey Ford who remarried and she was also an attorney Jill Hunsberger- Ford, who practiced in Carefree, Arizona. Ford did have resources available to her.

    Why hasn’t anyone raised Michael Bromwich’s name up? I’ve read he was in the Clinton administration and Obama’s administration. He’s a big contributor for the DNC, and Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte and he also represents ex-FBI McCabe. Supposedly, the Bromwich Group, (founder Michael Bromwich) is behind the GoFundme page for McCabe.

    As you have heard Blasey-Ford has 2 GoFundme accounts totaling over $500,000.

    I agree it’s important to see Blasey-Fords medical records and interview her physician.

      1. It so happens Michael Bromwich is Blasey-Ford’s lead attorney, he objected to Ford answering any questions when Graham asked, if she was aware that her attorneys were told the Republicans offered to go to California to interview her privately. Which she replied, she was not aware of it.
        How strange it is, Blasey-Ford doesn’t know who’s paying what? She doesn’t know what she is responsible for when asked about who is paying for the lie detector test. Nor who set up the GoFundme pages. She played dumb.

  10. Thank you for sharing the info in this article. Ever since Ford’s allegations surfaced, I’ve been digging around for more in depth info about her besides her academic accomplishments. There is damn little out there. Several of the first few I came across have disappeared from the internet. Imagine that! I would like to know who the ‘former FBI agent’ was that administered her polygraph test in August of 2018. It’s been reported that only 2 questions were asked, but why only 2, and how do we know that since the actual report of questions asked and answered has not been disclosed or who administered the test. I think a polygraph test for both Ford and Kavenaugh would be pretty enlightening, especially if administered by someone appointed by each political parties. All we know is what the news media has reported, which is sketchy at best. When the foreclosure against Christine Blasey’s parents was filed in 1996 with Judge Martha Kavenaugh presiding, Christine herself was 30 years old, living in California and working on her PhD in educational psychology, and had 2 other siblings in college at the time too. Her father is the President of an all male group at the country club and President of some bank. I would think that the bank foreclosing on their home would be big gossip among the locals at the country club.

  11. Is James S. Roche the roommate in question? The one that described Kavanaugh as a frequent -excessively and incoherent drunk? Well Roche says he was close friends with Ramirez. They both are into computer programing.
    Apparently, Roche starts up and company then changes the name. Offermatica LLC, to Vannevar Technology a spin off of Google (X).then changed it’s name to Flux Factory,Inc, in San Francisco. It’s a software development company. Then in 2017 it became Flux Data, Inc. then ceased Richard Rusnack was CFO.
    In 2018 there was amended statement by foreign corporation along with another
    change of name Helix RE, Inc. in SF. It looks like he reached out to the San Francisco Newspaper. Millbrae, CA.

  12. We were had….had by those democrats! Im angry, I just came across an article Christine Blasey Ford’s Family: Supporting Her Dark Days. 9/28. We know Blasey Ford wasn’t a squeaky naive female who played stupid for all of us to see.

    This article you can read I’ll give you some tidbits.
    After she revealed that Kavanaugh allegedly sexually assaulted her in hight school. Her husband is backing up her claims….blah Christine’s parents have not yet released a statement on the matter that occurred by then -when asked she replied she had not discussed this with them. Sources say Russell Ford and Christine Blasey met each other on dating website. BOLD. “She said she had been trapped in a room and physically restrained by one boy who was molesting her while the other boy watched.”
    CHRISTINE’S Is a Sister of Lawyers……YEP. Father, and 1 or 2 brothers are lawyers Now they are acknowledging it but not on the day when she testified before the Senate.
    But there’s another lawyer in the Ford family her husbands stepmom. Jill H. Ford.
    Scarred to death but goes to a dating website………

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