Will the NFL Self-Destruct?

by Daveda Gruber:

On Friday President Donald Trump had something to say  to NFL players who refuse to “stand proudly” for the national anthem. Yes, all the players haven’t understood right from wrong.

Trump tweeted to express his feelings:

The President’s tweets come hours after NFL players including Kenny Stills, Albert Wilson and Robert Quinn of the Miami Dolphins and Malcolm Jenkins of the Philadelphia Eagles protested during the anthem as the league began its first full week of the 2018 preseason.

The protests were kneeling, staying in the locker-room and raising a fist.

There were a dozen NFL preseason games on Thursday. Jacksonville Jaguars players Telvin Smith, Jalen Ramsey, Leonard Fournette and T.J. Yeldon remained in the tunnel when the national anthem played before the team’s home game against the New Orleans Saints.

Television coverage of the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants game showed 10 Giants were seen kneeling in unison in an end zone before the national anthem was played.

In Seattle, three Seahawks players ran into the tunnel leading to the team’s locker room prior to the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Defensive linemen Branden Jackson and Quinton Jefferson, and offensive lineman Duane Brown left the field following team introductions and before the start of the anthem. They returned to the sideline immediately after it concluded. All three were among a group of Seattle players that sat during the anthem last season.

The Pittsburgh Steelers did NOT kneel or run into the locker room..The New England Patriots did NOT kneel or run into the locker-room.

The Dallas Cowboys did NOT kneel. Coach Jerry Jones was asked if he would support players staying in the locker room, Jones said, ”No, our policy is that you stand at the anthem, toe on the line.”

In May the NFL modified its national anthem policy, prohibiting any sort of demonstrations for the 2018 season and making individual teams responsible for disciplining players who protest on the field.

The players’ union followed and filed a grievance about the policy change. Late last month, the new policy was put on hold while the NFL and NFL Players Association work on a decision.

Players who continue to protest during the anthem have no interest in coming to the middle nor do they understand why so many people find their demonstrations offensive.

I don’t believe they even know anymore why they take a knee or raise their fist.

NFL owners clearly want the issue to go away. because it’s affecting their bottom line, which is making money. Their collective bargaining agreement with the players association prevents them from taking unilateral action.

No one seems to have any control over the disciplinary process or what the rules are. Rules are broken and there’s no consequences for the players. They have the collective bargaining power of the players union.

What does it take to convince the hold-outs of the NFL players that their place of work/employment and getting big paychecks to play a game is NOT the place to protest.

They should be helping underprivileged communities or running for political office if they want to change the way things are.

Stupid is as stupid does. If you want to play a game and get paid, don’t upset the people who buy tickets or who watch you on TV, who are in fact, the people who indirectly pay your salary.

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7 Replies to “Will the NFL Self-Destruct?”

  1. the nfl will hit rock bottom this year and the owner of the jets must have a lot more money than he thinks he will ever need by saying if his players gets fines for sitting on a knee he will pay tneir fine iwont watch preseason check svores or tune in even for 1 minute if you do it gives thwm false numbers about how many are watching we have a team here in nashville i used to never miss a game as long as thesec over paid communist thugs are acting this way i wont go watch or buy any of any of these guys stuff i hope they all go bamkrupt

  2. This has gone on too long, it’s time to just shut down the NFL and find some athletes that want to play the game. Did anyone ever see the movie “The Replacements”. Great movie, should motivate the owners to start from scratch.

  3. President Trump should arrange the same treatment for these chumps as President Reagan did for the Air Traffic Controllers…

  4. The NFL does not exist to me anymore. People need to stop idolizing these thugs until they learn how to become a real role model for Americans. With the money they make and all of the free time they have, they should be helping the inner cities and fighting crime. Instead they disrespect our country, blame our brave men and women in law enforcement and continue dividing us. Much of this stems from the Fake News networks who brain wash it’s viewers 24 hours a day. Public enemy #1, the MSM is partially responsible. MAGA 2020.

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