Suspicious Silence & Media Blackout

by Jeffrey M. Gresio:

Let a porn star make a claim or let there be found, a recording that Donald Trump may have allegedly paid hush money in regards to supposed, consensual sexual relations, and the media turns it into a never ending, vapid feeding frenzy, unable to quench its appetite.

Let someone find an old tape, with a private conversation on hot mic, by a bus, with Billy Bush, and Donald Trump.  Where they are engaged in guy talk. You’d have thought they had plotted the extinction of the African Rhino; by the way the mockingbird media reported it.

President Trump mentioned grabbing female genitalia.   Something, every red blooded heterosexual male, dead or alive, has done in a private conversation; at some point in their life time.  But the mockingbird media made it out to be the most heinous, taboo act, ever committed by a breathing male.

This by the same media, who applauded vulgar women, who referred to themselves as nasty; wearing vagina hats, and smearing themselves in menstrual blood.

The same media, who applauded and defended, a supposed comedian, referring to the First Lady as, a ‘expletive’ – (female genitalia).

But, let someone make accusations concerning Hollywood royalty, or some one of significance from the Left, and you suddenly find yourself in a vacuum.  A silence so loud, it is earth shattering.  If in the case of say, Pizzagate, it’s to big to ignore, so, the spin begins to discredit it, or smear the accuser, and then silence; hoping it goes away.

The press, and Hollywood for years covered up Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, and Kevin Spacy.  Hollywood, their fellow associates and co-workers, all knew about them.  But they protected them, until it served someone’s purpose, to out them.

Now comes Isaac Kappy, who starting  last Thursday, has outed Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Seth Green, Peter Schiff, John Podesta, Steven King  and a host of others, as pedophiles.

Does anyone besides me, find it odd, that no one has come forward to dispute or deny the claims?  For the most part, mockingbird media has been, silent!?  No in depth investigative reporting into the claims.  No feeding frenzy.  No twenty-four hour news cycle coverage.   No minute by minute up date.  Curious, to say the least.

CNN, spent months on end, covering a plane that disappeared in the Asian Pacific.  Could not say, sh#t hole, enough times in a day.  And for months, became the Stormy Daniels news network.

But they devote all of an eye blink, to Isaac Kappy, who dumped the biggest story in their lap since Russian collusion.  Crickets!!!

In addition to seeking on Youtube, Isaac Kappy’s rants, claims and accusations, let me tell you about a few others videos, you need to seek out on Youtube and watch.

Sarah Rose Ashcraft, whose videos,  explaining and recounting, her horrendous ordeal at the hands of her father,  can be viewed on Youtube.

Sarah’s story seems to substantiate the claims of Isaac Kappy, outing Tom Hanks.  It should be noted, that Sarah’s story broke months before Isaac’s.  But nobody would listen.

Sarah’s claim is, she was sold by her father, as a child to Tom Hanks, to be his sex toy.  To be used and abused as, Mr. Hanks saw fit.

Then there is the sad tail of Fiona Barnett.  An Australian women, who was, sexually assaulted, raped and tortured for years as a child.  Who witnessed ritual Satanic murders of other children.  All at the hands of members of the government, prominent business men, and entertainment figures.

Her video too can be found on Youtube, titled: Candy Girl, a Documentary:

Then there is Pamela Curtis, whose story and video, can be found on Twitter, by typing in “Pamela Curtis Video”.  She credits, Isaac Kappy and “Qanon”, for giving her the strength to come out and tell her story.

And I am sure, as with other grass root movements, there will be host of others coming to light and sharing their stories.

Where are the #MeToo, people?   Where are the women and children advocacy groups?  Where are the ones who cried out for the children at the boarder?

But as you ponder that, and before I let you go, let me leave you with this…

NBC news reported claims, that Hillary Clinton, while secretary of state, closed down an investigation into an elite pedophile ring; within the ranks of State Department.  This was done in order to avoid an embarrassing  scandal, and to protect the careers of high ranking officials and an ambassador.

“NBC has obtained documents relating to ongoing investigations into some disturbing allegations involving State Department personnel and at least one ambassador. A State Department memo says, quote, “the Ambassador routinely ditched his protective security detail in order to solicit sexual favors from both prostitutes and minor children.

Allegations of prostitution and pedophilia, and allegations that those crimes were somehow covered up or not looked into. So the State Department this morning is having to respond to those claims, and those investigations involve misconduct by State Department officials, including an Ambassador and security agents attached to then secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.

The allegations are that these investigations were whitewashed, quashed altogether, and that those orders came from high up.

This concerns a time when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.”
Chuck Todd, reported.

The NBC news report can be viewed on line, on Youtube.

And obviously, the quashing worked.  Because nothing more was heard about it, until now.

The only way to make sure this does not get buried, or quashed, is to share the hell out of it.  Tell your friends and scream it all, from the roof tops.  We will not be ignored anymore.  COVFEFE!

There will be no escaping the storm.  And just like with hurricanes, as most beachcombers know, the storm turns up a lot of buried treasure.

No tickets necessary, just pull up your favorite chair, share with friends and family, and enjoy the show.

Pray for our President and his administration.

God bless America and Patriots World wide.

#Covfefe  #WWG1WGA  #KAG


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