An Open Letter to FOX News

by Wayne Simmes:

It saddens me to find that the only news outlet that has consistently called itself fair and balanced that you have decided to join the rest of the Fake News in declaring a National Dump on Trump day.  Hopefully, it will not become a National Dump on Trump week or National Dump on Trump year.

So why have you decided to join with the rest of the witch hunt?  You say it is because Trump did not call Putin a bald-faced liar to his face when he denied having anything to do with meddling in the 2016 Presidential election.  How would that have helped world peace or the lessening of nuclear tensions?

And apparently, you have bought into the theory that Russia did, in fact, meddle in our election.  You cite that the majority of our intelligence community have declared that as a fact.  But, don’t you find it slightly discomforting that the intelligence community has never released even a tidbit of evidence to prove that allegations?  Because of what they call National Security issues we have to just take their word for that.  Do you not think that the CIA has the ability to plant evidence pointing toward Russia and the Trump campaign?

So, let’s delve into that slightly.  In any court of law, one of the prerequisites to find a guilty verdict is to establish motive for the crime.  No one has even come close to pointing out why Russia would find the need to meddle in our election.  I ask you what was their motive?

On the other hand, we don’t have to look very far to see the motive of the Democrats and the liberal media for pushing the idea that Trump colluded with the Russians to secure his election.  But you may argue that surely not all the intelligence people could be that corrupt.  It is now an established fact that the FBI and the Justice Department were corrupt in the cover-up of the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal.  No other person in the country could have destroyed evidence, such as bleachbitting their hard drives and beating their phones to a pulp with a hammer without being brought before a court of law for obstruction of justice. No other person in the country could have conveniently lost 30,000 email and not be called to account for it.   But not one of Hillary’s cohorts were brought to justice for that crime.  If the FBI had not been corrupt she could not have gotten away with that

And the meeting with Clinton’s husband on the tarmac in Arizona by the then Attorney General, in what was supposed to never come to light proves beyond any doubt that Lynch was complicit in the cover-up as well.

So why is it hard to believe that the CIA and other entities that answered to the same boss, Barack Obama might also want to plant evidence to give Clinton an excuse for one of the most devastating losses in Presidential Election history?

I thought for sure that at least Mike Wallace would have been fair and impartial in his interview but it was quickly evident that he was like all the rest of the reporters, trying to force his own ideas on his guest instead of listening respectfully when Putin tried to answer his questions.  Perhaps if he had allowed Putin to answer the questions he might have learned why it made no sense for Russia to meddle in our election.

And your entire crew joining in on the Trump beat down today makes me wonder why I ever trusted your news outlet.  You might just as well have put up a sign, “We hate Trump” instead of claiming to be “fair and balanced”.

Just remember, if Hillary had been elected we would never have known about the corruption within our own government.

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9 Replies to “An Open Letter to FOX News”

  1. I appreciate Wayne Simmes’ honest criticism of Fox News. Lord knows we don’t need another Bash Trump Media Outlet spewing vile propaganda to destroy our President. Summits with Foreign countries have happened and will continue to happen. Open communications with countries around the world is vital! Did we know the communications between Obama and Iran at the time of the Iran Deal? No we don’t! Do we know what Obama meant when he got caught on a “hot mic” telling outgoing Russian president Dmitry Medvedev that Vladimir Putin should give him more “space” and that “[a]fter my election I have more flexibility.”? No media outlet objected nor demanded to know. We don’t have the transcripts of any of Obama’s meetings with foreign powers do we? So why the outrage to demand them now? We know that certain people within the Obama Administration interfered with the 2016 election: FBI Director Comey, FBI Agents McCabe, DOJ Rosenstein, Senator McCain, Clinton and the DNC that paid around 9 million dollars, to Ex Spy Steele that had ties with Russia, for the unverified, erroneous Russian Dossier, that we know has 3 different versions. Is that not colluding with Russia against an American Presidential Candidate? YES! Some Americans are to blame for interference in our 2016 Presidential Election as well as at least 4 more foreign countries of which Pakistan IT Tech Hackers hired by at least 30 Democrats for the 13 years during the Obama Administration. What are the names of the other 3 countries….Comey knows! Americans are not stupid and know it was not just Russia. We need a DOJ that will indict the Democrats involved with interfering with the 2016 Presidential Election..

  2. No I do not trust Fox news any more when I found out who owned them, it was only a matter of time before they started acting like the rest. More fake news!

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