Will the Truth Finally Come Out?

by Wayne Simmes:

I wondered why the Democrats were so hell bent that President Trump not meet with Vladimir Putin.  Some speculated that they were just trying to be obstructionists but perhaps something deeper and more sinister may have been behind their objections to this summit.

It was not however until the post-summit press conference when the Russian President and our President were taking questions that the motive may have come to light.  Of course, the press is adamant that Putin and the Russians were behind what they call election meddling.  But again Putin denied those allegations.  But not only did he deny the allegations he made an offer which might well put an end to this nonsense.  He said he would allow Mueller to question the 12 Russians he got a Grand Jury to indict but he asked only that his intelligence people got to question those in our government that brought the charges of Russian meddling in the election.

Of course, our intelligence people will never agree to that since they more than likely were behind this whole scheme to discredit a duly elected President of the United States.  Remember the text messages between the FBI lovers.  Lisa Page begged her lover to tell her that Trump would not become President and of course the response that should be etched into our brains was “No he won’t.  We’ll stop him.”

Now how could a lone FBI agent stop an election?  Of course, he could not.  But remember the words, “We’ll stop him.”  Some probably took that to mean that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page would be the ones to stop the Trump train.  But what if the “we” included other members of the intelligence community.  What if he was referring to a deep state conspiracy to alter our election?  Remember that the Clinton campaign had paid for a dossier that supposedly was supposed to cast a giant shadow on Trump’s character.  That is not speculation but solid fact and yet no charges of meddling have been leveled against any member of the Clinton campaign.  Only innuendo against our President has been brought forward with no proof or substantiation what-so-ever.  Why is Trump under investigation while Hillary and her cohorts are left completely alone?

Perhaps if we take Putin up on his offer we will get to the bottom of this witch hunt.  I always wondered what purpose Russia could have in meddling with our election.  Trump was not a known entity.  There was no indication that he could be manipulated by the Russian government.  Of course, I suppose they could have just been curious about whether it could be done or not, but that is a stretch of the imagination at best.  But Obama, Clinton, and other high ranking Democrats did have reason to meddle in our election.  Obama was scared to death that every nefarious thing he accomplished while in office would be wiped off the books with a Trump election.  Hillary, of course, had the most to gain and the most to lose from that election.  If she lost the election there was a very real possibility of her going to prison, perhaps for the rest of her life.  Remember the chants of lock her up during the election.  Those chants were not without basis.  If anyone else had committed the crimes that she did, they would have been put in a cell and the key thrown away.  And the Democrats that helped her cheat Bernie Sanders out of the nomination might be sharing a cell next to hers.  And of course, there are the corrupt members of the FBI and more than likely the CIA as well that helped her put together a phony dossier on Trump.

When Trump actually won the election, these entities had no choice but to find some way to throw the hounds off of their trail.  But better way than to throw a “red herring” into the fray?  So almost immediately they devised a plan to make it appear that Trump’s electoral win was not legitimate.  Now, comes the ridiculous charge that Trump somehow colluded with the Russians to swing the election in his direction.  The CIA more than likely planted breadcrumbs that pointed to the Russians being behind the attacks on the DNC servers.  They have spent decades observing the patterns used by foreign governments in cyber warfare.  It would not be much of a stretch to assume they would be capable of making it appear that anyone they wished was responsible.

It was brought out that the majority of our intelligence agencies agreed that Russia was behind those cyber attacks.  It is also notable that not one piece of evidence was offered to back up those claims.  They got away with that by claiming they had to safeguard our National Security, something they throw out every time they do not want to explain something to the public.  There was no need for evidence because the American people would believe anything that our intelligence community put forward.  Now to throw anyone that did not buy into the ruse off the trail.  They needed someone to get the ball rolling in the direction they wished.  And James Comey stepped up like a good little puppy dog and did his part.  He committed a crime by giving classified information to a friend to leak to the press with the sole purpose of getting a special counsel appointed to investigate Trump.

It should be noted that he has never been indicted for that crime nor has anyone even suggested that he be.  And it should be noted that the special counsel was an old friend and former boss of his Robert Mueller.  How convenient is that?

It also should be noted that the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions was forced to recuse himself before all this intrigue took place.  He had to be forced out of the way so that another of the conspirators, Rod Rosenstein could be the one to appoint Mueller.  And again Sessions was attacked with no real evidence but he was so Lilly-livered that he knuckled under to the Democrats and recused himself from all things, Russian.  Perhaps, since the Russians had nothing to do with meddling in our elections he should step back up to the plate and do his job by firing Rosenstein and Robert Mueller.

Of course, you can label me a conspiracy theorist, but what you cannot do is ignore that Putin has offered to help in this investigation.  You may say that he offered knowing that his help would not be accepted, but perhaps it should be.  After all, the Democrats and our press have accused him loud and clear.  It has always been one of the prerequisites of our way of justice, that the accused has the right to face his accusers.  Many time when that happens the accusers turn out to be the criminals.  And I believe that Putin deserves the chance to show who really is behind this scandal.  I am equally sure that our intelligence community does not want him to have that chance.  If the truth comes out, heads are sure to roll and I doubt they will be Russian heads.

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  1. You forgot the 400 million Intel help steal and give to Hillary Putin named names of the guy. You also forgot that Soros was called out and that Servers were refused to be handed over Cloud Strike is Dem op connected to Mueller Pakistani IT guy server/ Dem house server missing that he took info from. Special access intel on Hillary’s server.

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