by Jeffrey M. Gresio:

On Tuesday it was announced that a plea deal had been reached with Imran Awan.  The deal seems to circulate around bank fraud charges and drops all charges against his wife.  The speculation seems to be that the DOJ is in some way protecting the DNC and Hitlery Clinton.  It’s believed that he was given a pass on espionage charges.

Here is what is not being reported; John Huber, Assistant U.S. Attorney from Utah, has been working in conjunction with Inspector General Michael Horowitz.  Why does that matter?

IG Mike Horowitz is the one who recently released the damning report on the FBI’s investigations into Hitlery Clinton and President Trump.  Asst. U.S. Attorney John Huber has been tasked with investigating the DOJ, the FBI, Uranium One, DNC, and the possible treasonous actions of all those involved.  Oh, and John Huber is in possession of the server at the heart of the Seth Rich, Awan, DNC, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz scandal.

It has been correctly stated that IG Horowitz though tasked with the duty to investigate the actions of the FBI in regards to their investigations, has no power to subpoena, file indictments, call for a grand jury, or make arrest.  But guess what?  John Huber does!

The Robert Mueller investigation has approximately twenty-five investigators working on the Russian probe.  IG Horowitz has five investigators assisting him in his investigation into the FBI.  John Huber has 270 investigators working under him looking into all of it.  And he has another 230 at his disposal if needed.

John Huber also has jurisdiction to bring and file charges in any federal court in the land.  Which gives him the power to take action away from the D.C. federal court system; whose citizenry voted overwhelming for Hitlery Clinton.

It has also been reported that John Huber and his team have filed over 40,480 sealed indictments all across the country.  That is over 5,000 a month since he was assigned in October 2017.  And he’s not done.

I started this off talking about Imran Awan and his plea deal.  Here’s another tid bit regarding Mr. Awan; it has been rumored that when he left the court house after his hearing, he was spotted leaving with U.S. Marshals.  What do U.S. Marshals do as part of their duties?  Witness protection.

Now what could Mr. Awan possibly be a witness of?  Hmmm.  Oh I don’t know, maybe what his involvement was in the DNC server, What part Debbie Wasserman-Shultz played, how the DNC primary was rigged, what Intel was taken from congressional members, what happened to Seth Rich?   Time will tell.

Listen……POP!  Did you hear it?  That was the plug being pulled on the drain at the bottom of the swamp.  The next sound you hear will be a loud sucking sound.

And Scott Schools stepped down this week.  Who’s he you ask?   Top aid to the Attorney General and highest ranking U.S. Attorney.  The man directly under Rod Rosenstein.  What could that mean if Rosenstein is impeached or steps down?   There are a lot of things in play here.

I think we are about to become witnesses to one of the greatest and terrible major events to ever occur in our nation’s history.  We could see the largest treason and conspiracy tribunal to ever be assembled in our nation’s memory.  And I did say tribunal.   For when high treason is discovered within our government, codes and regulations allow for military courts to be convened.

I think you will also see Jeff Sessions stepping out as a hero in all this, and a lot of his, what have been termed questionable actions, will be justified and vindicated.

Pray for our Nation, our President, his family and his Administration.  Pray for those who are bringing the dark into the light.  It is always darkest before the the dawn.  Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric coming from the media or the left.  Justice is Coming!  The Storm is almost here.

God Bless America and Patriots World Wide!

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8 Replies to “DON’T FRET – IT’S COMING!!!”

  1. I find it ironic how much the President wants Maxine Waters out but does not acknowledgethe conservative Omar Navarro who is running against her. And very well I might ad. Could you do an article on him?

    1. Maxine Waters is a GREAT ASSET to the Republican Party and President Trump. Maxine is a criminal, also. She somehow paid her daughter somewhere around (I’m not positive, but ) $100,000.00 to take care of her mail-outs !! Someone may correct me, but it was an astronomical $$amount

      1. J.F., I agree. Maxine is the unmasked face of the Dems. And if I remember correctly, her daughter received $160K for that service. The Storm and reckoning are coming.

    1. I understand your concern Wayne. However, I think we will see something of the likes never before witnessed. As an example, did you take note a few months back of the purge that took place in Saudi Arabia?

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