Trump Derangement Syndrome Hits a New Low

by JD Scharr:

For those of you who think the Trump derangement syndrome doesn’t exist, think again and please read on.

Delafield, Wisconsin – Saturday, June 2, 2018, started out just like any other Saturday for Scott.  He was looking forward to his 9-year-old son’s Cub Scout Advancement Ceremony later in the afternoon at the state park.  Scott has been a den leader for 3 years and has enjoyed sharing the Cub Scout experience with his son.  There was a picnic before the ceremony and the ceremony was to begin at 5:00 p.m.

Scott and his son were enjoying the picnic when a Pack Master approached him.  He was told that people were upset that he was wearing a Trump 2020 hat.  Scott said, “You have to be kidding me.”  The Pack Master told him he wasn’t kidding and there were multiple people upset with the hat.  Scott blew it off and walked away.

The ceremony began and one of the den leaders approached Scott and told him he had to remove the Trump 2020 hat because it violated the Boy Scouts of America policy.  Scott said “I am not going to remove my hat to appease a bunch of adults who aren’t mature enough to get over it.”  The den leader kept on him and Scott asked the den leader if she wanted him to leave.  She said, “No, you just need to take the hat off.”  Scott again refused to take the hat off.  When the den leader realized he was not going to remove the hat she walked away.

Scott waited for the ceremony to end and went directly home to write his resignation letter which read: Effective immediately, I am resigning as Webelos den leader.  My morals are to God, my country, and my family, in that order.  By being told I have to remove an article of my clothing to appease the people who do not share these moral standards for paying homage to the President of the United States, you are removing my civil liberties as well as forcing me to not stand up for what I believe in.  My rights are the same as people who don’t agree with me.  My opinions and morals are my own and won’t be infringed upon.  Good luck to you all and God bless.

Scott received the following response:  Hello Scott, I heard about what happened.  I think this could have been handled differently than it was, but it’s done now.  We hate to see you go, however, we are not allowed to wear certain things when we are in uniform.  There are many reasons for this as I am sure you know.  No one wants to infringe on your beliefs or rights, be them political or not.  This is not about you or me or Trump hats, it’s about the kids we volunteered to mentor and help grow, along with the institution that is the Scouts of America.  If we worked at Coca-Cola, do you think they would want us wearing Pepsi stuff?  Our uniform makes us neutral to some degree.  Wear a scout hat with your uniform, or wear whatever you wish without the uniform.  If you need anything or just want to talk, I am here.

I don’t know where to begin here.  I will start by sharing the Scout Oath:  On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.  I am confused here, it states “do my duty to God and my country”.  The country referred to here is the same country Donald J. Trump serves as president.  I find it very odd that before each Cub Scout meeting the scouts recite the Pledge of Allegiance and salute the American flag.  Yet a hat bearing the name of our Commander-in-Chief is offensive? This is bordering on ridiculous.  Now hats are offending people?  Don’t they teach scouts to be respectful?  The parents can’t even show respect to the President of the United States?  And what’s with the Coca-Cola/Pepsi analogy? This wasn’t the name of another country’s leader on the hat.  It was the President of the United States.

Upon resigning as den leader, Scott had to explain to his son why he would no longer be sharing this experience with him.  He told him that due to a disagreement and the shift in the Boy Scout ideology with what’s acceptable and what is not, he no longer agrees with where the Boy Scouts are headed.  His son was very disappointed because it was something he enjoyed doing with his father.  Scott was also upset but he decided it was best for all involved.  When Scott left for the ceremony he didn’t even think.  He grabbed a hat.  It is the hat he wears most often.   He just grabbed it and headed out the door.  Who knew that simply wearing a hat would affect his and his son’s lives.

When asked how he felt about this ordeal, Scott replied, “This country was not founded by a bunch of snowflakes.  We used to have freedom of speech and expression.  It is now being taken away because it might offend somebody.”

The purpose of the ceremony was to celebrate the children’s accomplishments but the parents chose to focus on what they deemed to be an offensive hat.  The first complaint was that the parents were upset Scott was wearing a Trump hat.  Make no mistake, this had nothing to do with the BCA rules and regulations.  It was all about the name on the hat.

How very sad this is.  Scott can no longer share the Cub Scout experience with his son all because a Trump 2020 hat offended some parents.

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4 Replies to “Trump Derangement Syndrome Hits a New Low”

  1. Don’t know why a God fearing man would allow a child to be associated with the same scouts that are now accepting the gay agenda. Most Christians I know removed their children from scouts of all forms.

    1. That is included in the shift of ideology written about and quoted by me. None of that takes affect to this fall, which I why I am resigning now and taking my child out.

  2. This is indicative of the problem with America today — we have minority groups trying to rule the majority — it is wrong and it will not work. To take offense at an inanimate object such as a hat is ludicrous and wrong on any number of levels.

    This country was founded on Christian principles and values, on a faith in God and those things beyond ourselves. Having lived over 7 decades and having seen the decline in our society and it’s values breaks my heart. There seems to be no moral fiber, no values, no faith in God and a major division within our country.

    We have generations of “Snowflakes” and Millenials that have no values or work ethic. People who have been allowed to grow with no moral compass or values and who believe they are “owed” and can do whatever they want with no consequences. Parents quit being parents long ago and instead tried to be the “cool” parents who let their children do anything they wanted.

    Out-of-control liberals think they can force people to think as they think, believe as they believe, talk as they talk and heaven help the person who does not agree. We are seeing the destruction of Europe as I write this, it being taken over my Muslims and Sharia Law — a cult not a religion and society as we know it is being destroyed and taken over by anarchy and tyranny.

    This needs to be stopped now. We need to have God back in our schools, back in our courts, back in our government, back in our lives in general. We need to refind our moral compass and direction. If not we will be no better than the vilest creatures on our planet.

  3. Right on!!! Sorry you had to make that kind of a call but I am proud of you for holding the fort (or whatever is left of it).

    I truly believe when one door closes another opens. So, I can’t wait to hear what great venture you and your son pioneer!

    Thank you for sharing.

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