Should President Trump Agree to Meet with Robert Mueller?

by Wayne Simmes:

Let me start out by saying that everyone has something to hide. I don’t care if you are Mother Teresa, The Pope or President Trump, you have done something in your past that can be construed as evil. So agreeing to be questioned by someone that I believe to be a truly evil person, Robert Mueller is probably not a wise choice.

It might be one thing if this witch hunt had been confined to what we the people believe it was created for, Russian interference in our elections. But that line of inquiry went by the wayside many moons ago. Not one iota of evidence has been produced linking the President of the United States with Russian interference. But that has not sidelined Mueller or his team of ghouls.

Finding nothing concerning Russia to indict anyone on the Trump team with, Mueller proceeded to attack a good man Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI even though the then head of the FBI, James Comey had said that he found no evidence to support that allegation. But that did not deter Mueller. He knew that he needed someone to blame for something and so he convinces Michael Flynn to plead guilty because Mueller could continue the case indefinitely and Michael Flynn could not. It had already bankrupted him by that time. We have some hope that charge may be thrown out as it moves through the court system.

So on to two people that had some connections with the Trump Campaign, Paul Manafort and Rick Gates. Even though if you look at the headlines, they seem to be linked to Russian meddling, that is not what they were charged with. They are facing 12 counts, including conspiracy to launder money, conspiracy against the United States, (whatever that means) being an unregistered agent of a foreign principal, false and misleading FARA statements and other charges.

As this case moves through the courts and the defense counsel demands discovery of evidence, that probably is tainted by the fruit of a poison tree, these cases may also be dismissed. Of course, that depends on whether the defendants can afford to continue the battle.

So finding no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election Mueller has moved on to maybe they colluded with someone in the middle east. And maybe they colluded with voters in the United States which is more likely. But this goes to show that Mueller will never stop until he has found something damning within the Trump inner circle, with the big fish, The President himself being the prime target.

So why then would the President agree to sit down with who has proved himself to be an enemy of his administration? I believe that Mueller will use this meeting to expand his witch hunt even further afield. Perhaps it will be Trump’s finances that he attacks. Perhaps it might be his tax returns that he zeroes in on. That possibility itself should be enough to strike fear into Trump’s heart. Oh, not because he has knowingly done anything wrong with paying his due share to the IRS. But rather because no matter how he answers questions about his tax returns he might be open to charges of lying to the FBI. Nobody knows what the tax code says. If you were to ask 100 Certified Public Accountants about some facet of the tax code you might easily get 100 different answers. So no matter how the President might answer those questions, Mueller could find enumerable witnesses to testify that what he said was incorrect leading to the charge of perjury.

And even though a sitting President cannot be indicted, they can be impeached, which is what the majority of Democrats and more than a few Republicans want to see happen. Of course, even if Trump is exonerated by Mueller, which is highly unlikely, there is the distinct possibility that if the Democrats win back the House and Senate, this fall that he will face impeachment charges. I know the constitution says that he can only be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors but these are not specified. Democrats, reporters, and others have been screaming for his impeachment from even before he took the oath of office.

So back to the original question, should the President meet with Robert Mueller? On one hand, I don’t see an upside. There is little if any possibility that when this meeting is over, the President will come out smelling better than when he went in. So if it was just the President that has something to lose I would say no way. Stay as far from the bloodsuckers as you can.

But on the other hand, it is imperative that Republicans maintain control of both houses this November. And if the President refuses to meet with Mueller, it is bound to be misconstrued as being because he has something to hide. And the Democrats are bound to jump on that in the upcoming campaign. Knowing how gullible the American Electorate is, that might be enough to cause the loss of the House and Senate. If that happens, even if the votes are not there for impeachment, everything the President is trying to accomplish will be blocked.

So it looks to me that he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

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50 Replies to “Should President Trump Agree to Meet with Robert Mueller?”

    1. No, no, and NO! DO NOT DO IT! Mueller is a setup. If you say “nice day, isn’t it?” He will say you just lied. So, no.

    1. You sir appear to be a butt hurt Democrat who cannot get over the failure of your queen to be coronated. Your statement is nonsensical and illegal.

  1. No matter how innocent Trump is, Mueller and his clowns will find a way to twist everything Trump has to say and every speck of being non perfect will be used against him in every way imaginable. After all, no conservative is perfect, only libtards are perfect, (in their eyes). So no as innocent as I believe my president is, he shouldn’t give Mueller and his clowns the satisfaction of sitting before them. Besides, doesn’t he have way too much real work to do, (making America great again and draining the swamp) to waste his time with them?

  2. No. Based on Lurch’s past history and prosecuting Flynn despite even the interviewers (strzok) saying Flynn didnt lie tell Mueller “Ive moved on from your investigation. If you have something then call for a Grand Jury. Good luck.”
    Look what Comey and Mueller did to Steven Hatfill. They ruined that man on evidence of what? 2 dogs wagged their tails when he pet them. Im dead serious.
    Will they determine Trump is guilty based on a pigeon flew into the Rose Garden pooped 3 times and flew off east when leaving?
    These peoples feelings of self importance and privilege has left them with high levels of hubris and left them insane. Proof of their insanity is that they honestly believe they are better qualified to decide for everyone else who should be President and voting is to great a responsibility for the public.

  3. This is a snowball turned into a avalanche. Look what our country had been reduced to. This leaves tears in my eyes. Not sure if its disgust from where we are, thankfulness that Clinton didnt win or hormonal disarray.
    “FBI Informant Stefan Halper Paid Over $1 Million By Obama Admin; Spied On Trump Aide After Election
    “Be in touch when you have the time. Would be great to catch up.”
    Remember this wasnt just another dirty politician this was a direct attack on Trumps son to him him HARD!. Look what they did to Manaforts wife while they dragged him out of bed and made him watch. Mrs. Manafort was “felt up” in bed before being allowed to get out of bed and put some clothes on during the home invasion search.

  4. I don’t like the idea of him being a sitting duck during this horrible inquisition, but I am sure if he has to do it .. he’ll have plenty of people praying for him at the time and God will help. That’s who I look to in these difficult times

      1. Unfortunately I have found that dealing with the progs I often end up scratching my head thinking “what kind of sick mind comes up with this stuff?” Ive found myself at a serious disadvantage at times. You cant deal with a liar honestly and ever win. Walk away.

  5. I understand the “cannot do anything right” idea. But, your selling the American electorate short. I think in general they like Trump and have learned that the politicians and media are the main part of the swamp we all hate. So, it is my belief the house and senate will grow on the republican side and I pray it will grow with conservatives who love our country and don’t want to join the “what’s in it for me” club, aka SWAMP.

  6. I feel Mueller is on a witch hunt brought on by the Democrats .After a year and + months no evedence has been found and millions of dollars wasted in this fiasco it should be over .The way the FBI under Mueller has twisted and coerced all the witness’s so far and twisted every thing that has been said ! Why would the president agree to interrogation any one wanting him out of office just because he’s not a democrat .I feel he has nothing to prove in an interview with Mueller and every thing to lose with the story twisters that would twist everything he had to say . I SAY NO for these reasons

  7. No, Trump do not walk in to the snake pit you’re already swimming with the piranhas.

    Keep staying the course and keep your eye on the brass ring.

    Thank you and to your family and friends that have supported you throughout this hellish process that you took on for all of us the many!



  9. I think it is a trap to get him some sort of miss understanding and they put it off as perjury or he is hiding something. Just a bad ideal. They can not find anything so let’s get him to trip up himself. If it was me I would tell them to go and fly a kite

  10. NO NO NO Don’t do it Mr. President.. It’s more of a witch hunt trap. Use the time to keep helping America be “Great again”

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