BOOM: Dem Hopeful ‘New York Attorney General’ Accused by Four Women

by Daveda Gruber:

Eric Schneiderman turned out to be his own enemy. Schneiderman was the Democratic hope until his behavior with women was recently revealed.

Schneiderman’s career is now in tatters. He picked up a high-profile reputation in the Trump era for his legal push-back and acerbic criticism of some of Trump’s top agenda items.

He was acclaimed as an icon of the #Resistance by the anti-Trump left. media outlets gushed over him.

Schneiderman also became a key figure in the growing crusade of the #MeToo movement.

He used his authority to take legal action against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. He has also been outspoken in the push for a “critical national reckoning” about the harassment of women.

On Monday, The New Yorker reported on four women’s claims that Schneiderman had repeatedly hit them, threatened them, and demeaned them.

Michelle Manning Barish, one of the women speaking out, told the New Yorker, “[Y]ou cannot be a champion of women when you are hitting them and choking them in bed, and saying to them, ‘You’re a f—ing whore.’” Michelle Manning Barish, one of the women speaking out, told the New Yorker.

“His hypocrisy is epic,” she says. “He’s fooled so many people.”

Tanya Selvaratnam another woman said, “This is a man who has staked his entire career, his personal narrative, on being a champion for women publicly. But he abuses them privately. He needs to be called out.”

Selvaratnam continued, “The slaps started after we’d gotten to know each other. It was at first as if he were testing me. Then it got stronger and harder. It wasn’t consensual. This wasn’t sexual playacting. This was abusive, demeaning, threatening behavior.”

Selvaratnam, who was born in Sri Lanka, has dark skin, and she recalls that “he started calling me his ‘brown slave’ and demanding that I repeat that I was ‘his property.’ ”

Are Republicans gloating? You tell me.

In a November interview with Full Frontal’s Samantha Bee, he was presented as a superhero (nicknamed “Schneider-Man” and given a jingle declaring “only he can save us all!”).

Well, it looks like he’s not going to be saving anyone from anything.

Within three hours of this news coming out Monday night, Schneiderman announced that he would step down as attorney general at end-of-day Tuesday.

Good riddance!

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