Sean Hannity Takes off the Gloves!

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Russian Roulette or Russian Probe: this has been the long-running crime spree for those behind the Clinton Machine. The victims of this scam of a witch hunt have been framed by the capricious and meritless Dossier paid for by the team for Hillary Clinton. However, those behind the scam will eventually see their luck run out.

As easy as they made it seem to do, all of the outrageous crimes from suspected witnesses assassinations, to destroying evidence under Congressional subpoena.  Defrauding the federal government for any reason is a serious crime under 18 USC Section 371.

American Leader

Sean Hannity breaks down the possible charges expected once the criminal investigation into the salacious activities of Stormy Daniels fad away. She will be left with the bill for attorney fees by the Obama Administration attorney whipping it up for political reasons at her expense.  While TMZ entertains the world with Make America Horney Again, and CNN’s Anderson Cooper suggest “deeper” links about an alleged affair with the stripper who makes her money selling sexual fantasies.

Fox news anchor, Sean Hannity is playing hardball alerting the public that true justice might be coming sooner than when Hell Freezes Over after all!

Hannity is more than fair and reasonable.  He has made a public announcement that James Comey is invited to his daily radio show for the full 3 hours and that he will have him on his nightly Fox news show.  Hannity said he would let Comey do the entire hour.  So far, Mr. Comey has refused to reply to the generous offer.

The last few years have been difficult. However, knowing that justice is finally coming feels like standing in a disaster area the day after a tornado has ripped everything to shreds.  The thought of Hillary Clinton making a third attempt to be the first female president is not a likely proposition anymore.  However, is it possible for Ivanka to survive the high pressure of Washington D.C. while watching her father run the country? If so, she might be capable of gaining the support needed to step in so young girls can grow up knowing if they work hard, they can strive for that position at the top.

Ivanka ran the entire Trump International, Inc as CEO and just might have what it takes.  After her father rescued America from the globalists, she might be a good candidate, and by that time, many Democrats will be voting Republican due to the embarrassing games run by the con artists in the Democratic party now under investigation.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive!

Americans won’t be fooled so easy again!

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While the liberal media was bashing law enforcement officers under the Obama Administration, police were assassinated at point-blank range.

Obama failed to speak out about the cop killings. America was under attack from within.  All along Hannity was a trusted source of news for those interested in the truth.  No wonder the liberals got all excited when US Dist. Judge Kimba Wood forced President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen to name his celebrity clients, and Hannity was named.

Snowflakes melt when they get hit with a dose of the truth.  Like oil and water, they have a hard time merging.

Don’t hold your breath until Comey takes Hannity up on his offer.  When people bash Trump-like Comey and his new book tour attempts to do, it is all about ego, fortune, and fame.  Where was Comey when the police were getting mowed down in Dallas?  Well, Hannity was reporting the whole story so we could cast an educated vote for someone who could restore the rule of law. Someone to bring respect back to the men and women who protect our families and us, so we do not have to be fighting radical violence every time we try to step out of the house or go to sleep at night.


Under the Trump White House, police once again can trust that America has their back when they fight crime for the average man and woman’s safety and prosperity.


In 2014, a total of 990 people died across America in Police Use of Force incidents. That same year 250,000 people were killed by medical errors according to a John Hopkin’s study. 

While Black Lives Matters protested against police brutality with chants of killing cops, Obama never spoke out when a police officer was slain. I guess Blue Lives didn’t matter to Obama.

Now, with Trump, not only  Blue Lives Matter.  President Trump and First Lady Melania have stepped up against fraudulent medical practices that take hundreds of thousands of innocent lives each year. The First Lady has banned the mandatory use of Flu Vaccines for White House Staff!  President Trump is also going after the deadly abuse of Opioids which has killed more Americans than the Vietnam and Iraq wars combined matters.

Drain the Swamp has proven to be hard and burdensome, but the Trumps mean business,  They have Saudi Arabia acknowledging Israel as a valid state and have even opened doors for REAL discussions with North Korea These are only a couple of the things Making Our World Safer Again, and not just at home!

The days of Hillary Clinton abusing the system and corrupting everything she touches are over. It’s not just campaign financing fraud by receiving MILLIONS from our enemies in a pay to play scam. The days of the Clinton Foundation being nothing but a slush fund are OVER. It’s time to rip the curtain aside and expose the Clinton money laundering scheme.

Having an honest man in the White House, and the loyal watchdog groups, it looks more and more that the American Dream has a chance again. It’s as though, a breath of life was breathed into it by the hard work and perseverance of the President and his dedicated team.

Although Hannity is just a journalist, he has been a valuable part of America’s truth-seeking process by his bravery to stand up for honest reporting of the news.  He was able to take on interviews with Donald Trump during the heated moments of the race for the White House and even in the White House after Trump won!

Always with grace and dignity.  Now the world sees that his reporting was more than “Conspiracy Theories“.

Do you think the liberal media will start reporting the facts? After all, when it comes to criminal investigations and civil lawsuits, it was believed Hillary would protect the deep state players from the consequences of their evil deeds.  Who knows, now that Rosanne is back stealing the ratings on ABC, the MSM might want to follow Hannity’s lead and actually report the real news!  It could happen because REAL NEWS DOES MATTER!!!  MAGA!!






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