Will Oprah be Hounded by Media to Disavow Harvey Weinstein?

by Lanny Carruthers:

How many days will it be before Oprah disavows Harvey Weinstein?  Will the mainstream media even hound her into disavowing Harvey Weinstein?  Those are the million dollar…let’s make those the billion dollar questions of the day.  For those who have not heard, Weinstein is accused of sexually assaulting women, sexual misconduct towards women and is currently under investigation for those sexual crimes against women…just to name a few.  Now that we are on the same page let’s continue on.

Days and days, no let’s be accurate MONTHS and MONTHS and TIME after TIME the media hounded candidate and then President Donald J. Trump about statements made by former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke supporting Trump.  Press conference after press conference and news report after news report, the mainstream media demanded that Trump disavow David Duke, Duke’s supremacist statements and acceptance of support from David Duke.  Time after time, Donald Trump disavowed any support from, conversation between, or support for David Duke or his statements.  The only thing Trump failed to do was stand on his head and disavow David Duke.

So, the day count begins, how long will it take the media to force Oprah to disavow Harvey Weinstein?  Also the day count begins to witness the media hounding and straightforwardly demand Oprah to disavow Harvey Weinstein.

Asking what Oprah thinks of the allegations against Harvey Weinstein will not suffice.  “Oprah, will you disavow Harvey Weinstein for his sexual assault and sexual misconduct toward women?”  There, no need for the newspaper editors to labor over the wording of the question.  Maybe I should email that question to Donna Brazile and she can forward it to Jeff Zucker, other media executives and reporters.

On a related note, at the Golden Globe Awards, Oprah highlighted a black woman raped by white men.  Her speech itself highlights the hypocrisy of the Hollywood elite, celebrities and news media.  It declares that it’s not about the act of rape itself or even women.  It declares that it’s about racism in favor of the black race, prejudice against the white man and common belief among Hollywood that the Hollywood elite and media are superior to the average individual.

Had Oprah really cared about racial equality or women she wouldn’t have played the race card and made her speech just about a black woman raped by white men.  She could have went high, making an eloquent, colorblind statement about women and rape in general.  But she went low, refusing to remove the spotlight off Oprah and the narrative she wished to push.  So in all that promised hope, the accusers of Harvey Weinstein probably feel slighted because they are not black, as far as we know.  At least they have hope in law enforcement to bring Harvey to account for his sexual misconduct toward women.

So to those who feel they have been victims of sexual assault, don’t go to the media or Oprah, go to local law enforcement and report claims against your abuser.

So, how many days will it be before Oprah is forced to disavow Harvey Weinstein by the media?  I’m not holding my breath!

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