Movie Mobster Paul Sorvino Puts a Hit on Weinstein

by Daveda Gruber:

Paul Sorvino the movie mobster has put out a ‘hit’ on disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. He is saying he’ll whack the accused sexual predator for blacklisting his daughter.

Sorvino said, “If I meet him on the street, he ought to hope he goes to jail because if we come across, I think he’ll be lying on the floor somehow magically. I will kill the motherf****er.”

Last month’s news that the Weinstein brothers, Harvey and Bob discouraged director Terry Zwigoff from casting Mira Sorvino in his movie set Paul Sorvino off.

The “Godfellas” actor said that he “did not know the extent” of Weinstein’s alleged behavior.


Paul Sorvino said, “If I had known it, he would not…be walking. He’d be in a wheelchair.”

He said added he was “absolutely furious” when he heard the news about Weinstein and added, “My daughter is wonderful person… and she doesn’t deserve to have been treated that way by this pig. So this pig will get his comeuppance. He’s going to go to jail and die in jail, but if he doesn’t, Harvey, come here, I have some news for you.”

Zwigoff, “Bad Santa” director, in December revealed he was strongly advised not to cast Mira Sorvino in his movie, because she rejected Harvey Weinstein’s advances.

Director Peter Jackson of “Lord of the Rings” also claimed in December that Harvey Weinstein told him to avoid working with actresses Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino.

This appears to be a ‘smear campaign’ against them. It seems they and others were blacklisted for not accepting Weinstein’s sexual advances.

Weinstein has been accused of sexual misconduct, including rape, by several women. His own company fired him.

Following his public downfall, the disgraced movie mogul sought treatment.

Too little too late as far as I’m concerned. Weinstein must be held accountable for his actions.

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6 Replies to “Movie Mobster Paul Sorvino Puts a Hit on Weinstein”

  1. I have admired Mira Sorvino since the day I saw her in Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite. I liked her even more in Spike Lee’s movie Summer of Sam. She is beautiful and talented. Now, I find out she is a high moral, strong willed, and principled woman. Good for her. Her father plays a convincing Gangster in the movies, but I had no idea he was the Real Deal. Harvey Swinestein is a pig, a real swine. He is a sexual predator of the highest order. I don’t wish him any bad luck, but I would not shed a tear if he had an accident.

    1. A father can show aggression when he finds out his daughter was approached with sexual advances and then punished for not giving the swine what he wanted. Thanks for reading and commenting Judge London. .

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