History Teaches Awareness

Hopefully people will begin to wake up. It is no longer a Democrat vs Republican thing. It’s a Nationalist vs Globalist problem. It started as a cabal in the late 50’s. Gained strength once Eisenhower left office where he warned us in his departing statements about the Industrial Military Complex and has morphed into the Nationalist vs Globalist movements. Specific political parties are merely a distraction. Kennedy was the last Democrat Nationalist. Reagan was the last Republican Nationalist. Every other president has been a Globalist.

Few realize we have not been ALLOWED to win a single war since WWII. There is never a plan for victory. Fight the battles, kill a bunch of people on both sides, spend our money to repair the damage we did, and then move on to the next conflict. There is no profit to be made in peace. Where no war exists, the flames of tension must be fanned to ensure the sale of the tools of war continues. If the economy gets soft, start a war some far-off place and get those factories humming. However, in all the chaos, there is a master plan. It is for one government and one religion. The religion is Islam, the government – Sharia.

The “New World Order” was first publicly announced by President George H.W. Bush and repeatedly mentioned by each president following him EXCEPT Trump. JFK was a nationalist old school Democrat. Trump is an outsider as was Reagan. JFK was assassinated, Reagan was shot, Trump is in the way.

Reagan was a lifelong Democrat until as he stated, the Democrat Party left him. Trump too has moved his whole adult life in Democrat circles even while claiming a Republican identity. Once the toast of Hollywood, rubbing elbows with the rich and famous as an influential young businessman and a frequent talk show guest. Somewhere in his 30’s, he took note of how politics in this country was leading us to the edge of a financial cliff. There are numerous interviews showing his concerns on YouTube. These videos reveal a building awareness of the challenges our country was facing dating back to 1980 right up to the present. Even the likes of Oprah constantly questioned his intent to run for president.

So far, rather than botch another assassination attempt, the NWO operatives have entrenched themselves in numerous government agencies, trying to end him in the court of public opinion. Their goal is to have him removed from office. Boisterous public support and an active use of Twitter are the only roadblocks to his removal. These are very perilous times in which we find ourselves. Our last hope is for the public to wake up and see what is happening before our very eyes. We as a nation, are like a giant stone wheel moved to the edge of a cliff. Our culture, economy, and sovereignty about to fall into the abyss. The one stone wedged in front of that wheel preventing it all from crashing over the cliff is Trump. While many western world leaders have sold their souls and willingly surrendered their countries to the cabal in the shadows, Trump has made it his personal responsibility to preserve the last remaining and mostly free country in the world. That is one hell of a burden for one man to bear.

Our President has endured never-ending claims of debauchery, crooked business practices, even violating federal law, all based on fantasy and wishful thinking. Liberal talk shows and late night entertainment paint a picture of a cartoon character in the White House in an attempt to belittle him. Thus far, he has endured it all. So, Mr. President, take your Cheeto complexion, tiny hands, hair that you likely still cut yourself, mismatched socks, mismatched suits, even your sippy cup, and just keep on doing what you’re doing. Eyes are being opened and the truth is filtering out. Year one has been glorious and I can’t wait to recap year two.

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2 Replies to “History Teaches Awareness”

  1. We’ve got to get control of the Republican Congressional Primaries or the party is over. THAT is the next assassination attempt.

  2. History is best served when an educated society can read and study history and learn from past mistakes. It is a shame that todays millennials graduating have been dummied down by Communists and Socialists Teachers and Professors that have infiltrated Public Education, Colleges and Universities.

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