Trump Endorses Republican Roy Moore

by Daveda Gruber:

President Donald Trump endorsed Republican Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race on Monday. He looked past the sexual misconduct allegations made against him. Trump argued that his vote is needed in Congress.

Trump tweeted:


It was President Trump’s strongest show of support for Moore since the allegations came up that alleged misconduct.

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Moore responded on Twitter:


Moore also tweeted a little later on:


Trump tweeted of Moore:


President Trump has been making the case to the people of Alabama that it is a factor to consider that not one Democrat has been able to find time to say they support the ‘GOP tax plan’.

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When allegations come up 38 years later, after Roy Moore has been a very public figure for all those years, and he’s run multiple times statewide in Alabama, the people in Alabama have the right to choose and make decisions about Roy Moore’s character.

I’ve said this before, if allegations prove to be true, Moore can step down and a Republican can be put in Moore’s place in the Senate. It’s just common sense.


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