Members of the Media Have No Moral Authority or Credibility to Speak on Sexual Misconduct Issues…Period!

by Lanny Carruthers:

It seems as though there is no one in the media particularly male who has not been accused of sexual misconduct.  Am I allowed to suspect their biological gender as male according to their perceived physical appearance without their ability to self-identify?  I do not care what they think!  No one in print, digital or any media otherwise has any moral authority or credibility to speak on sexual misconduct issues.  The allegations are piling up so fast that we almost need a Rolodex in order to catalog and track them as they are publicized.

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On CBS News (Can’t Believe Stuff News) Nora O’Donnell spoke in regards to not only the allegations, but the admission by Charlie Rose of his sexual indiscretions towards women.  CBS News went so far as to admit the fact that there were, for many years, “rumors” of Charlie’s indiscretions floating around the newsroom.  This substantiates Sean Hannity’s claim that journalism is dead.  Investigative journalism is dead. Stick a fork in it, but don’t play Amazing Grace at the funeral service!

The New York news media (liberal and conservative) have always viewed themselves as the all-knowing, intelligencia, driver of the news narrative that dictates what Americans are to believe and talk about around the dinner table.  Not to mention they bear the “innate responsibility” to “advise” the lowly public they despise who are too dumb to figure out for themselves who to vote for in various elections.

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Gone are the days where responsible media were quietly slipped a snippet of information and they performed due diligence, investigated and reported on the facts.  Even though we knew they were going to impart direction for the lowly public to abide by.  The allegations against Judge Roy Moore are falling apart as fast as Hillary Clinton used her cloth to white wash her e-mail server clean.  Just as the allegations against then candidate Donald J. Trump were discredited and miraculously vanished after he won his historic victory over Gen. Hillary (Sherman) Clinton.  The same Gen. Hillary (Sherman) Clinton who has for years led the true “war on women” against the accusers leveling sexual abuse and rape claims against her husband.

Unfortunately there are no ethical members of the media…an oxymoron…that will ask the central question to the heads of the major news organizations:  “How long have you known about ‘ABC’ sexual allegation committed by media member ‘DEF’ working at ‘XYZ’ news organization and what documentation do you have in that demonstrates how the media organization addressed such allegations?” As CBS News admitted on their recent newscast that “rumors” of Charlie Rose’s indiscretions have floated around the newsroom for years.  EVERYONE KNEW ABOUT IT!  How many times have the news media lamented about the “War on Women”?  They are ever so worried about the impact of the sexual misconduct now, but didn’t give a rat’s behind back when they first heard of the sexual misconduct let alone the allegations against Bill Clinton.  Their hypocrisy is so blatant that they look like Oprah Winfrey when asked how much she weighs before taking a charter flight in the Hawaiian Islands claiming she weighs 140lbs!  Winfrey should purchase two tickets instead of one…and a third for her husband!

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Personally speaking the esteemed, recklessly responsible and holier-than-thou news media did not have the guts to investigate and call out ALL of the sexual allegations WHEN they heard about them and only did so when it was “cool” to report on.  They are all too quick to out any politician or celebrity when any transgression occurs, but “the people we agree with or work with didn’t do nuffin!”  There needs to be investigations lead by police and/or local law enforcement to determine what happened, if crimes were committed and prosecute the ones that are still prosecutable within statute of limitations.  A public acknowledgement should be made by law enforcement of the facts, whether or not the sexual allegations are substantiated and prosecutable.  The news media have covered up these indiscretions to the extent they have zero credibility and particularly no moral authority to be believed regardless of what they report.  The news media are no more responsible than a chicken hawk guarding the chicken house!

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  How long will it take the media to acknowledge and report on female sexual misconduct in the newsrooms?  Will males be afraid no one will believe their story if they come forward?  Guess we’ll find out in another twenty or so years.  Or until it becomes “cool” to report on.

The boy who cried wolf should be held with more moral authority and credibility than the media in regards to reporting on these sexual allegations.  Furthermore, if they are so brazen as to cover up these sexual indiscretions among their own kind, how do we as the general public know they are reporting the truth in their various reports?  Fool me once shame on you!  Fool me twice shame on me!  Or better, how many times does the general public have to stick their finger in the proverbial light socket to understand the media as the dishonest rodents they really are?  President Trump seems to be vindicated for his branding the media as “Fake News!”  And that’s not “Fake News!”



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