All I Want for Christmas

by David F. Madere:

I think your doing a fantastic job since you were elected. You are what America really needed. I’m a Vet and use the VA hospital in Charleston. They have saved my life a couple of times in the past few years. I think we have one of the best VA hospitals in the country except for parking. Please keep up the good work your doing for all the Veterans, military and police.

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Things I would like to see happen are, make Sharia law in the United States illegal. Second if we have to have government health care insurance, make congress and the senate have it too. Don’t let them opt out, how else will they know if something is wrong if they don’t have it. Besides it’s written in the constitution by law they can’t opt out. I also would like to see that those teachers get that tax relief for money spent on their students. My sister teaches school and she spends way over that @50 dollar tax relief cause she cares. Believe me there are a lot more people pulling for you and backing you and your good work. Thanks a million for everything you do. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

David F. Madere


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