Is there Really No Reason not to Believe Them?

by Wayne Simmes:

Accusation after accusation, allegation after allegation. It seems like every day another dozen or so women are coming forward accusing some rich and powerful man of sexual misconduct. A few of them actually allege rape and certainly those allegations should be looked into by the appropriate law enforcement agencies.
In almost every case it is immediately assumed that the women are telling the truth. Jeff Sessions says, “I see no reason not to believe these women”. Ivanka Trump says, “I see no reason not to believe these women.” The governor of Alabama says, “I see no reason not to believe these women.”


But I ask you is there no reason not to believe them. I assert that the sheer length of time that they waited before coming forward is a great reason not to believe them. It isn’t as if Roy Moore or in so many other individuals that are being accused, just came into the limelight. They have been famous or semi-famous people for decades. So why now?

We see the dirty deeds of politicians (on both sides of the aisle) every day it seems. You might remember Harry Reid saying he had proof that Mitt Romney had not paid his taxes in years. Once Obama had won the election, Reid admitted that he had lied and that he wasn’t ashamed of it. He said, “So what it worked didn’t it?”


So is it such a stretch to believe that someone is paying these women to come forward with false accusations just to ruin someone’s chances of filling a seat that the Republican Party desperately needs? And in many of the other accusations, is it possible that these women or someone egging them on isn’t seeking a huge payday, since many other people have settled claims against them just to make them go away. In some cases it is far cheaper to pay off the accuser than it is to defend yourself.

And some of these claims are just plain ridiculous. One woman accused someone yesterday (see I am becoming so jaded that I cannot even keep all these claims straight) of touching her buttocks. Dear God, really. If every woman that had ever been patted on the behind came forward there wouldn’t be room on the Internet to report them all.

I am an old man and I can remember times in my life when both men and women had brushed against my behind and I am just prideful enough to think that they found me attractive.

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I believe that in many of these instances, there might be another reason other than truth that these people are coming forward at this particular time.

In Roy Moore’s case I actually believe the woman who came forward saying she was positive he was innocent rather than those who claim he is guilty. There is just too many discrepancies in these women’s stories. One claimed he had called her on the phone in her room, but her own mother said she had no phone in her room. Was that just a misstatement or was it an outright lie?

Even the Bible made clear that there would be those who would bear false witness against you. Exodus 20:16 is just one of many such verses when it admonishes, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor”.

Before you are so positive that you can believe the accusers over the accused, ask yourself, “Have I not seen thousands of cases of people who have deliberately lied to achieve some obscure goal?


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