2016: The Year I Became a Racist Sexist Bigot Homophobe, Part 6 of 11 – The Dawn of the New American Dark Age

(My 2016 Presidential Election Forecast Map based on polling data adjusted for guestimated polling source bias.)

by Randall Nozick

(This article is the beginning of an excerpt from a Facebook post. If you missed it, you should start reading from the beginning with Part 1 – I Dare You to Try to Understand to get the full meaning of the post.)

Part 6 – The Dawn of the New American Dark Age

Trump won. The play-by-play thread last night was a blast. Thanks to all who joined me for my only “sporting event” in the last decade or so. This morning, I’ve seen a dozen or so requests for my thoughts on what happens next, so rather than PM myself to death, I’m going to write it down once.

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First, and most importantly, don’t panic. The various minorities in America are not going to be attacked by Trump. There is absolutely nothing to gain practically, politically, or personally from it. He’s not going to damage gay rights, but penises in the ladies’ room might have to go back to a saner stance. He’s certainly not going to hurt black Americans. He needs to see black Americans rejoined with the American Dream or the rest of his job is almost impossible.

As for immigration, there is a vast breach of logic in the way the Left Fringe wants us to all think about it, including the immigrants. People want to come to America for, let’s face it, safety and money. The breach in logic is simply they are fleeing places without solid Rule of Law to a place with safety and money BECAUSE it has solid Rule of Law. But BREAKING THE LAW by skipping the immigration process damages the very thing they are coming here to get in the first place. [ . . . omitted sentence] You can’t come to America to have its safety and money without being part of the system that created it. It is pure and simple raiding to take the benefit without joining the system that made the benefit. GET REAL ABOUT THIS. There are thousands upon thousands of LEGAL immigrants who we have all welcomed with open arms and are now one of us. Could we make the system better? Definitely. So let’s do that rather than just pretending it’s okay to use the term “undocumented citizen” for an illegal alien. Lying about a problem never fixed a problem.

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But seriously, don’t panic. Panic will give the same people who tried to influence this election opportunities for their fallback position. There are Congressional races coming in two years and just because The Big One is over doesn’t mean political manipulators, as exposed by Project Veritas, aren’t plotting out the next two years in a war room somewhere this morning. It is very certain they are and the tools haven’t changed. Violence, lies, media manipulation, staged crisis, and the conversion of disadvantaged people into useful idiots are all on the table in front of them. Now that we all know what it looks like, it’s up to us to refuse those weapons.

(Please stay tuned for the next part. It’s a long story, so I broke it down into life-sized bites.)

Part 7 – BIG PROMISES is now available! Read on.


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