(Not So) Righteous Indignation

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So much banter from the Progressive left now, about how the primaries were rigged….so much piousness from Prima Donnas like Mika and Joe…..self righteous anger from the news media! 

Liberal Progressives and Bernie supporters like Jimmy Dore are outraged about it!
How many of us ever thought we would see this?

 Yes, they will now admit it was rigged, but what they NEVER admit to, is that THEY were all a part of it, intentionally or unintentionally, because they helped HRC in a thousand ways! They attacked Trump unfairly, and still do! They NEVER called HRC out for anything, no matter how obvious her lies or crimes were…they deliberately put out false news and info about Trump, and a good many of these so called journalists were on the Clinton/DNC payroll. 
We now know, They met with her, and strategized with her. 

Also, and even more important, is that they will never acknowledge the fact that Bernie was just as corrupt and just as bad!
So they need not give me that holier than thou act. Things will never change for the Democrats until they face reality. And thank God it played out the way it did! Because we did NOT need an admitted socialist for president.
He wouldn’t have been much better than her. 
And his wife was investigated for bank fraud! 
So it would have been the same old same old….another corrupt criminal couple in the White House. 
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Bill and Hill part 2.
And Donna Brazile has now admitted to also giving Bernie debate questions! 
So, I guess he didn’t have a problem with that, since he never said anything about it, just like Hillary didn’t. My money says he was in on this whole scheme from day one. After all, didn’t he take about $600,000, then tell all his supporters to vote for Hillary? So, please, let’s not make him out to be a saint or something!
The progressive left want to have something to latch onto, to justify him not winning, and that’s fine, but they need to call it what it is. 
The bottom line is: One corrupt candidate lost to another corrupt candidate. 
BOTH of them would have been death to this country. 
Bernie would have turned us into Venezuela.
Trump is keeping us the land of the free and the home of the brave!
I’ll take option number 3 any day! 
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