Feminism and Sexuality with Men are Incompatible

by Robert Masi:

As I’m working on a personal venture I can’t speak about, am I wrong to listen to the Cruel Intentions Soundtrack? I don’t think so, because I do what I want. I suggest everyone check out that soundtrack. The Soundtrack is a good few songs to remind us all that there is something about this world that is a fun pass time. Which is love. Love, done properly, is a game of wanting. Not the having, which people completely skip to. All the tantalizing moments that lead up to the first kiss, or further over a period of time. Immediate sex just cheapens the fun.


If you really want to enjoy the experience, hold off. Come close to that first kiss, but pull back at that last second. which can also be the difference of 10 minutes of sex, and 6 hours of sex.

As much as I hate to justify the texting world, it has opened us back up to the fun of non-physical interaction. Which seems to be a lost art.

This Art is my segment into this article. Hedonism. Hedonism is a school of thought that argues that pleasure and happiness are the most important aspects of Humanity, and the proper aim of human life. Hedonism is all about immediate gratification. Which is an article in itself, on how societies have collapsed with this ideology, like Roman.

The problem is that nothing important or interesting can come of Hedonism. It’s all about fleeting emotions. And that’s a sad existence. The concept of WANTING is a great driving power, which leads to greater satisfaction. Frankly, this is one of the reasons why marrying American women has lead to a 60% divorce ratio, while marrying Foreign Brides only has a 20% divorce ratio. Let’s ignore the home making skills for a moment, because that’s another article. The fun of relationships is being in the chase. Which isn’t taught as a virtue to American Women anymore.

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Feminism has brought women to the point to actually believe that there really isn’t anything other than SEX. Feminism teaches women to act like over sexed teenage boys, and that’s really not attractive. Because Feminism has been hijacked by Lesbians, there is a miss in understanding. Either that, or they are trying to create a society of Male Slaves, which is considered the Democrat Male. Those men are frankly pathetic, and realistically unattractive to most women by their own virtues.

So let’s talk about how you can get the most out of a blossoming relationship with the 21st Century Woman. Relax. It’ll come. Building up desire is the key. Slightly sexual texts will go further than explicit texts. TALKING AROUND THE ACT will be far more sexual than going for IT. Patience. Feminism teaches women to be F*ck Ready Sluts. Don’t play into that trap, because it’s a trap to being left on the curb, after 1-6 nighters.
It’s not about being elusive, it’s about values and toying with your interests. Women who are feminist leaning think they have the power, but the more power they try to exert, the more sexual frustration they get into you not playing into their Dominance Game. Every other guy will play into that game, and it’ll make you more desirable when you slow it down to whatever speed you want, in order to manage.

…..All that being said. feel a woman out for her values. Many Feminists believe in several sexual partners at once, or as frequently as possible. STAY AWAY FROM THOSE WOMEN. They’ve bought so far into feminism that they become Viral Carrier, waiting to happen.
If you want the most fulfilling life, remember that Feminism is a joke, which leaves women unfulfilled. It’s your duty to bring them back to the pleasure of what it feels like when a Women acts like a Woman, and is treated like a woman.


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