The DC Indictments are Adding Up

By Kathy Crest: Could it finally be true? Are we actually going to see President’s Trumps campaign promise to “drain the swamp” come true?

Rumors are still swirling that the U.S. Martial in Washington DC has issued more indictments in the Russian scandal than Robert Mueller is leading us to believe. Earlier this week the internet was abuzz with word that seven sealed indictments had been handed down, with John and Tony Podesta being two of the recipients, and Hillary Clinton being a third. A condition of the indictments, that came from an unknown source, is that the media is to be blacked out until further notice.

Could we have been fooled all this time? Have Donald Trump and Robert Mueller been working together to take down the massive corruption ring that has taken over our federal government for far too long?

Why did Donna Brazile come out with a book this week that completely annihilates the Democratic party? Is she being used as a go between, someone on the other side who was given the opportunity to expose the truth in return for a lighter sentence or even immunity? Think about it. Trump could never call for the arrests of all the people involved in this massive scandal. He would be labeled a dictator, and the media would call for his impeachment. They would further the claims that he is not mentally fit. They would call for more violence. But now they have a woman who worked side by side with Hillary Clinton, who has come out and spilled her guts.

Get yours now almost gone!

Many top Democrats have come out to call for a special prosecutor in the case of Hillary Clinton. Others have bashed Donna Brazile and called her a liar, claiming her book to be misleading and outright false. More than likely the ones who have denied her claims, are the ones with the most to hide.

The media has remained mum on the indictments, if they are indeed true, but many internet websites are reporting regularly and updating the amount. One site reported that it is very uncommon for this many sealed indictments to be handed out in such a short amount of time.

What if Trump was chosen to be the next president, and had knowledge of the Uranium One deal before he was even elected? What if he hired Paul Manafort to serve as his campaign manager just so he could later have him arrested, knowing that he had been involved with the Podestas and the Uranium One deal? What if Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein had their hands tied during the Obama administration and were threatened into turning their eyes away from the Uranium One deal?

We now know that James Comey had made up his mind not to recommend an indictment in Hillary’s email scandal long before many of the witnesses had been interviewed. But just this week it was revealed that Comey changed the language of his report and his final statement on the case. He originally wrote that Hillary was guilty of “gross negligence”, but later changed it to say she acted with “extreme carelessness”. It is a felony to treat classified information with gross negligence, and many people have been sent to prison for this crime. Is his one of the 31 indictments?

No one can confirm that Hillary Clinton is going to be indicted, but according to some, she is scheduled to turn herself in on Monday. I, for one, would be THRILLED to see justice finally being served when it comes to Hillary Clinton. Her long life of crime might finally be coming to an end. I don’t expect to see her ever serve time in prison, though. A case like this will be drug out in court for years, if not decades. She could feign an illness or possibly even die before real justice could be served. It would just be nice to finally be able to see her exposed for what she has done to the American people. She needs to be held accountable. Many believe she has a long list of murders under her belt, including Seth Rich. The corruption must stop regardless. Our country is suffering because of it. Media figures are being paid off. They are deceiving Americans to help push a dishonest agenda. Maybe some of those indictments belong to a few of them. Time will tell.


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5 Replies to “The DC Indictments are Adding Up”

  1. It would really be a blow for smaller government and against corruption if many of those guilty of crimes (including I believe, treason) were to be indicted and tried.

  2. People who have been disrespectful to the rule of law and join others in bad mouthing this administration are unpatriotic. I blame Obama for the ideas he put into their heads with showing them he can make any law he wishes. The GOP and all of it’s party members have showed to have no backbone to fight these rude ballligerent people.

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