Was the CIA Preparing to Rig the General Election?

by Kathy Crest:

With Donna Brazile’s new book coming out today, and her recent revelations of a rigged primary carried out by Hillary Clinton, it brought back memories of conversation I heard right after the general election, between an FBI informant and a popular alternative news source.

Hillary Clinton ran a dirty campaign. The DNC was broke and running scared. President Obama had helped to drain its bank account, according to Brazile, through his incompetence and mishandling of funds. Hillary saw an opportunity, something she is always looking for, and with the help of those hundreds of millions of dollars she made from a perverted uranium deal with the Russians, she bought her way into position to become the first woman president of the United States.

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Hillary’s first move was to sign a contract that would ensure her the win in the primary. She gave up $20 million and refilled the coffer of the DNC. But with her large, and illegal donation, she had demands. Those included having complete control over the campaign and the DNC, and to be assured that Bernie Sanders would lose his bid. Together with the help of the corrupt main stream media, she would set out to fool the people.

I watch the videos now of her acceptance speech, when Hillary was pronounced the nominee. She walked out on the stage with an enormous smile, waving her arms in the air, and gleefully addressing the crowd. It made me sick to watch it then, but it churns my stomach now. She is nothing more than a fraud, but now she has been exposed. The party is split, with some openly showing their outrage, while others label Donna Brazile a liar. But why would she write such a book if the contents weren’t true? I have my thoughts on this, but time will tell if I am right. Timing is everything, and I believe the release of her book this particular week was done for a reason.


The FBI informant was direct and blunt. He began by going back to election night, recalling the voting numbers that showed up on our television screens. As many states were being called as the night wore on, there were key states that seemed to be locked in time. I remember wringing my fingers, pacing the floor, going to bed, only to get up again. Why were these states not being called? I even asked my husband, “What are they doing, trying to rig the election?”

According to the informant, that was exactly what was happening. The CIA had a plan in place, knowing that Hillary’s chances of becoming the next president were next to impossible.  They were prepared to hack into the computer system and hand her the win, a win that would forever change the foundation of this nation.

The informant told of how a few “good guys” at the FBI, ones who could not fathom 8 more years of the same kind of rule we had just experienced with Barrack Obama, had set out with a plan of their own. Together with the help of the military, they would attempt to stop the hack, and give the win to the rightful victor. They sat and waited, watching for the first signs of an unauthorized attack. When the moment came, an FBI agent picked up the phone, and bravely dialed CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, notifying them that their illegal operation had been breached, and that if they didn’t pull back on the hack, a live missile would be dropped from a military jet that was strategically placed above their building. Their plan obviously worked, as states like Florida began to be called. The election results would finally be announced, and Donald Trump would become the 45th president of the United States.

At the time I watched the informant, I wondered, “Could this be true?” We all know Hillary Clinton is corrupt, but could she, WOULD SHE, try to pull of something of this magnitude? But then I began to reflect on Barrack Obama’s re-election bid, remembering the very same circumstances from that election night. Mitt Romney had been ahead most of the night, and there were also key states where the votes stopped calculating. Then the election was called, and our hearts sunk. Could it also be that this one was rigged as well?

There are many facts that lead me to believe that the informant’s accounts are true. Hillary Clinton is seen in this video celebrating her “win” shortly before realizing she had been had. She had purchased a $1.4 million dollar home right next to the White House for her key staff members. Others had rented apartments in Washington D.C. Hillary had hired three top notch attorneys, all of whom worked for the same New York firm, and when she lost the election, they were left without a job as their employers had already replaced them. I also find it interesting that Hillary never had a concession speech prepared in case she lost, and later tried to cover it up by saying she was just “sure” she was going to win. How was she so sure, when her opponent could bring in a coliseum full of supporters at the drop of a hat, when she, herself, was busing in high school students to fill the seats? She was sure, all right, but not because she played fair. Hillary Clinton never plays fair.

Soon after the election, anonymous reports came out about Hillary’s demeanor after she realized her loss. They claim she had to be sedated after physically attacking her campaign manager, John Podesta, and that Bill Clinton had to pull her off. I’m sure thoughts instantly ran through her mind of all the people she had received big donations from, people she had “assured” she would win. Too often donors are promised “reimbursements”, that come in forms that aid in their corruption. Some of President Obama’s top donors went on to become CEO’s of green energy companies, companies that would later go belly up, but not before the CEO’s replenished their bank accounts.

I hope the truth comes out some day, because the men who made the call to intervene in this devious plan deserve a medal. Our country dodged a bullet that will forever effect each and every one of our lives. Hillary Clinton is a conniving, selfish, controlling woman and I shutter to think what would have been. We owe our deepest gratitude to those “good guys” who stood by their oath, and outsmarted the most corrupt politician this country has ever seen. We also owe many thanks to our creator, whom we all prayed to for months on end to please bring an end to the madness.


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  1. I want to thank God for all the good men and women who love and protect our country from evil and corruption by enemies oyr our great Republic …. One Nation Under God!!! ….
    God Bless each of you and your families and may God continue to bless your efforts in protecting The United States of America for His Glory and the furtherance of the gospel for the saving of mankind’s souls …. we ask in Jesus Name, Amen.

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