Donna Brazile Trying to Walk Back Her Accusations Against Hillary Clinton

by Kathy Crest:

It didn’t take long, but it never seems to either. Any time a Democrat publicly attacks one of their own, there is a quick and threatening response. I will never forget the day that Bill Clinton stood at a podium as he campaigned for his wife, and told the world that Obamacare was the worst thing to ever happen to America. It didn’t take 24 hours for him to try to take it back, but you can’t take the truth away, once you have exposed it. This is something Donna Brazile will soon realize.

She wrote her words in a book. Short of not releasing it, those words will be forever floating around in cyberspace, in libraries, and in book stores all over the country, for a very long time. Her words were definite and accusing. The name of the book, “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House”, sets the stage for what is to come.

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Donna Brazile is an American political strategist, campaign manager, political analyst, and author. She is a member of the Democratic Party, briefly serving as the interim chairperson for the Democratic National Committee in spring 2011, and assumed that role again in July 2016, until February 2017. She became a spectacle of controversy after it was learned she had given Hillary Clinton the debate questions prior to the CNN debate, to help her prepare for the answers. One has to wonder if this was the only debate that Hillary was given the opportunity to cheat in, as her responses always seemed rehearsed. Braziles’ new book has now added to that controversy, as she has come clean with the corruption of her own party.

I have not read the book, as it isn’t set to be released for two more days. But news reports are slowly leaking its excerpts, and they are interesting to say the least. Brazile speaks about a contract signed between Hillary and the DNC, one that gave Hillary total control over the campaign, and in return would refill the bank account of the DNC, as that account was in the red after years of being depleted by mismanagement of the Obama administration. Clinton deposited $20 million dollars in the bank account, a move that could prove to be illegal.

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In announcing her book deal, Brazile said, “I’ve been a Democrat all my life, but I’m an American first”. “At a moment when our democracy is in crisis, it’s time to tell the truth about what went wrong in 2016. Our nation is under unprecedented assault, and if we don’t get the facts out, it will happen again — and worse than you can imagine.” I don’t know how you can walk something like this back. That paragraph in of itself is enough to make any supporter scratch their head and Republicans scream, “I KNEW IT!”

In an interview with POLITICO’s Off Message podcast in February, Brazile said, “I was scared!” remembering her first briefing with law enforcement about the extent of the hack. “I was scared that first day and night. I went home that night, I couldn’t talk to anybody because I had a — I couldn’t even tell the staff what was happening to them.” POLITICO wrote: Though she’s one of the most experienced Democratic operatives in national politics, Brazile has said nothing prepared her for the revelations about Kremlin-directed activity to meddle in the 2016 election or for the personal toll it took on her, which included strange packages being sent to her home.

According to ABC News: Brazile, a former ABC News political contributor, said she was shocked when she heard that the Clinton campaign had entered into a joint fundraising agreement with the DNC long before it was clear that Clinton would be the party’s nominee. “The funding arrangement with (Hillary for America) and the victory fund agreement was not illegal, but it sure looked unethical,” Brazile wrote. “If the fight had been fair, one campaign would not have control of the party before the voters had decided which one they wanted to lead. This was not a criminal act, but as I saw it, it compromised the party’s integrity.” I find it interesting that Brazile never found it “unethical” to give Hillary Clinton the debate questions prior to the CNN debate against Donald Trump.

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One of the biggest bombshells to have come out in the book, is Brazile’s comment about being afraid for her life after the “murder” of Seth Rich. She claims she was “Haunted by the murder of DNC Seth Rich, and feared for her own life, shutting the blinds so snipers could not see her.” News reports after his death claim he was robbed and then murdered, but it would later be revealed that he had both his wallet and watch on his body when he was found. He died from a gunshot wound as he walked down a dark street in Washington DC. It is suspected it was he who actually hacked into the emails of Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and John Podesta, and forwarded them to WikiLeaks who later published them. It will be riveting to see if Brazile comments on any Russian involvement in the election.

I have ordered the book, and will report more after reading it. It will be captivating to get into the head of someone who knows just about everything there is to know about the goings on in Hillary Clinton’s mind. She is the master at corruption and brilliant when it comes to covering it up. What makes her so successful, is the amount of money she manages to take in, most of it illegally. We now see this with the Uranium One deal. It takes a lot of money to silence people, especially if it involves a hitman. The payoffs are costly, and taking control of the media is a necessity. Hillary Clinton will go down as the most corrupt American politician in the history of our country, but I am not so sure that is a title she wishes to behold.


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