Donna Brazile Drops a Bombshell On Hillary Clinton

by Kathy Crest:

Poor Hillary. Her decades long corruption is finally becoming a problem for the Democratic party, and it appears they have had enough of her. Donna Brazile just came clean with a very unnerving report, and it proves what we have known for over a year, that the primary was rigged against Bernie Sanders. Hillary supporters are having a very hard time accepting it.

It was a great plan put forth by Hillary, but WikiLeaks would throw a wrench in it. Her emails, along with those of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and John Podesta, would be hacked during the primary, proving that old Bernie didn’t stand a chance, but not because he didn’t have the votes.

The DNC was going broke, according to Donna Brazile, and Hillary came up with a solution to refill the coffer. She would donate 20 million dollars of her own money to its bank account, and in return, she had a few demands. She wanted full control over the DNC, including its finances, and she wanted a sure win. A contract was signed, and Hillary would become the nominee for the Democratic party.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz set out to destroy Bernie. She would try to convince him that he had no chance at winning, the same ruse Democrats and the media would later use on Trump, but Bernie wasn’t blindsided. He “felt” like he was winning, and now we know his intuition was right on track. Schultz’s next step would be to start a full fledged attack, forgetting how easy emails are compromised. Someone would hack into the DNC’s computer system, steal her emails, along with Hillary’s and Podesta’s, and send them to WikiLeaks where they would be published for the world to see.

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The main stream media did its best to keep the emails covered up, but Fox News, alternative news sources, and social media would see to it that they were exposed. The Democrats were forced to come up with a culprit, so they devised the Russian theory. The Russians would be blamed for the hacking, and Trump would later be blamed for his involvement. But it wasn’t the Russians at all. The email hacker was one of the Democrat’s own, a man by the name of Seth Rich.

Seth Rich was a member of the DNC. Why he hacked into the email system is still a mystery. But he did, and he forwarded the emails to WikiLeaks. Seth would soon find his life cut short, by a “robber”, or so we were told. He was shot down while walking down a dark street in D.C. and the story would be sold as a robbery. There was just one problem, Seth Rich still had his wallet and watch on his body when it was found.

Once Hillary “won” the primary, and gleefully accepted the nomination, she went on the attack of Donald Trump. The Russian theory would be wildly stretched into another scandal, that Trump was colluding with the Russian government to slander Hillary and give him an edge in the election. They wouldn’t stop there, though. They fabricated a story of Trump hiring prostitutes during a stay in a Russian hotel, whom he was reportedly involved in “golden showers” with, and whom would pee on the bed in the hotel room that was formerly occupied with the Obamas.  He would vehemently deny the accusations, but the Democrats and the media would set out on a campaign to see him hang.

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Fast forward to today, and it appears the media and the Democrats are realizing their plan has been foiled. They never expected Hillary to lose the election. In fact they were sure Trump was going to lose. They never thought they would have to defend themselves, or that anyone would dare to contradict them. Now they are in a pickle, a REALLY BIG PICKLE. They have been backed into a corner. Trump has been a step ahead of them the entire time. He forced his justice department to make public who paid for the fake Russian dossier. He exposed the corruption that took place during the Obama administration, including the sale of 20% of our uranium. The chips are now stacked against the Democrats, and they are now in dire straights.

Their only choice is to dump Hillary, throw her under the bus, and try to move on. But things are not looking good for the party. Everything they try to do seems to boomerang in their faces. They have lost so many elections that their big donors are turning their backs on them. No one likes a loser, and the Democrats are just that. They have no plans in place to help Americans strapped in a stale economy. They see Trump slowly rebuilding our country and following through on his campaign promises. Even the Washington Post gave Chuck Schumer’s comments on Trump’s tax plan 4 Pinnnochios. Americans are tired of being lied to. It is common sense to know that high taxes mean big companies taking their jobs elsewhere in the world. High taxes mean people having extra money in the bank, or not. The constant use of “This tax bill will only help the rich”, isn’t working anymore. Nothing is working when it comes to the Democrats.

Now we can expect the absolute “shock” that will surely come from the left and the media. But they all knew what Hillary did, even Bernie Sanders. ESPECIALLY Bernie Sanders. He accused Hillary at the time, but would go on to show his support for her, and simultaneously purchase a $1.5 million dollar lakefront home. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where that money came from. It is only a matter of time now. Jeff Sessions refuses to do his job and indict these people, but Trump will figure it out. He is not one to jump at anything. He is definitely not one to give up. He made a promise to drain the swamp, and he will. He just didn’t realize how deep the murky water was.


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