A Humorous and Truthful Look at Patriots VS Liberals Part 1

by Jennifer Sasser:

I think what may be obvious to some patriots is not known by some liberals. So what we know to be true and of course part of the puzzle. Some of this is just the news, what we read, watch or listen to. Whether you watch TV news, read on or off internet, or listen to the radio. Liberals by and large, don’t look at the news that much, but if they do, they believe everything they see and hear on there.

For example, I have to say this, and I am not trying to be rude. But I was talking to some liberals and they say that Barack Obama is a Christian. Well, first of all, I have to ask the question, “What is a Christian?” These are the same people that think that you don’t have to believe in the Christian bible in order to be a Christian. Okay to be a Christian, you just have to live in a Christian nation to be a Christian? …I think to be a Christian, you need to ask Jesus to be your saviour and show some obvious signs of change since your conversion. You need to repent and believe the gospel. You need to believe in the Christian bible. And as far as going to church, you need to go. Some say no, but then, if you don’t you will have problems. It’s like trying to jump out of an airplane without a parachute. Probably not a good idea. As far as patriots go, we believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim. This is based on what he said and what he did during his 8 years. Why would he talk about America as being a Muslim nation? Wouldn’t he want it to be his own faith?? This flabbergasts my Liberal friends. I look at them, like, seriously, are you and I on the same planet?

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The Liberals have their own news stations that they look at and websites for reading Internet articles, as do the Patriots..well, we basically have Fox news. The liberals have more selection, CNN, ABC as well as NBC and ABC, and I am sure others which are not on this list. (Sorry I am not Liberal, not that I am apologizing for this, but I am stating, this is why I don’t know)

But I have to say that what we have as news is more “fair and balanced” because Fox has regular contributors that are Liberal. This makes Fox news the most popular station. On the liberal stations, there are their views and they make a point each day to present their gripe of the day which 99,99 % of the time presents Trump in a bad light ..I even heard one news guy call Trump a Turd. They are more professional on Fox news. They stay away from such language. And it’s kind of unprofessional, (to say the least) to talk about killing the president. While of course Fox does present Trump in a good light. I mean he is their candidate.  Thus, Fox News is the most watched station.  Sensible people aren’t interested in watching News that is just gossip.

Meanwhile some of what Patriots believe is true, isn’t covered by any news station. But with Fox News, they do say negative things about Donald J. Trump. They have a news contributor who is Liberal.. Or even a few. One’s name is Juan. He says what he believes and this gives a bit of spice to the conversation. Controversy is interesting in small doses. As you will see later when I discuss my social media friends, there is such a thing as too much.

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Sometimes Patriots will start a news website like this one you’re reading. Whereas the Liberals are quite content reading or listening or watching news on their stations and various outlets. That’s okay if the news media are accurately reporting. As Patriots, we do not believe this is the case. In fact, if it’s from CNN, s CBC,ABC New etc., it’s probably FakeNews. That’s what the patriot will think and tell you if you ask him or her. But you see the Liberals they think we’re all Conspiracy Theorists. They think that we cook this stuff up in our kitchens or something. I am not even going to talk to you about New World Order. That takes awhile to explain and get into. So I will make this part one, and that will be in part two.

Most of the liberals I have had on my Facebook friend list have gone that have expressed their views. They can express themselves but not make a daily habit of it. One liberal friend, said nothing on my page for three years, and then, all of a sudden, asked me if we could take turns posting on each other’s pages. I said okay if it was only once a week. Why did she want to do this? I am not sure but I think she was studying politics or doing some work in politics of some nature, and I am pretty eloquent and expressive I guess. I always answer people’s questions, as much as I can. In my case, I agreed because I do this writing so of course it’s good to have the Liberal point of view for such articles as this one. Well the old adage “give them an inch and they’ll take a mile” came into play and she was on there each day telling me my views were not right. Blah, blah, blah. So I deleted her. Simple. Many of my ‘friends’ went by the wayside like that.

Likewise, I have done the same thing. I have opened my big yap, and said my opinion. Then I am all surprised because they delete me or even take it to an extreme and block me. All because I don’t agree with them. I have to say I never did that. I did use extreme patience and talk to them, Then I finally deleted them after they basically stalked me for days. Seriously, do they really believe that I am going to change my mind? And that is why I no longer act like a nincompoop and go on their page and just tell them a thing or two.. Ha!! Do I think they will listen, anymore? Nah.

I see Liberal posts against President  Donald J.Trump on a friend’s page, and I have no need to keep them as a friend, I will hit the delete button. Otherwise if I want to keep them then unfollow them. That works perfectly, you never see their posts. You can keep in touch and wish them happy birthday.You can brace yourself and go on their page and see how they are if you actually like/love them despite the political differences.

Now supposedly we’re going to have a big thing on November the 4th. This may lead to civil war. This is something wanted by the Liberals. Civil war. What? Are they suicidal? Mostly the right side has guns. I bet half of them don’t even know it’s going on. And the left will not have one of those yucky things…((guns))… Ewww. This is not smart at all. But the ANTIFA who is controlled by a guy named George Soros, has decided to have a war.  Evidently George Soros doesn’t give a rat’s butt about any of the the liberals. I care about them more than he does.  I asked one Liberal friend, if she knew he existed.   Just like I suspected! Nope,   ANTIFA are being paid by Soros. But that’s just another “conspiracy theory” something someone made up,… Right! I bet my Liberal friends, the really naive ones will have this puzzled look, because these are the ones who never look at the news much, or Facebook, they really have no clue what is going on. In fact, I don’t think that they want to know.  ((Cognitive Dissonance))

Am I worried about this? Some, but not too much. . Look what they did with the election. Plus I am a Christian. “This is not my home, for I am just passing through.”

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10 Replies to “A Humorous and Truthful Look at Patriots VS Liberals Part 1”

  1. Good article. Liberals don’t have a clue. They just follow whatever their friends tell them to do. Poor clueless liberals.

      1. Yes, they will find out .. eventually.. I hope. I have a friend whom I have been friends with for 51 (almost 52 years) She deleted me off of Facebook, because she said she didn’t understand why I supported Trump. We’re still friends, but this “difference” has caused such a strain on many relationships

    1. This is what I have found.. I hate to say they are clueless, but they are! thanks for your comment on my report..

  2. Thank you for sharing this article with me, I’m grateful I have friends like you who we both share the same political views, we took our red pill, (we still have some work to spread the reality to the blind family and friends, meaning about their political views.) Please excuse my many comma’s and grammar, I’m with you in this fight, Sincerly, Geri James

    1. Thank you for Commenting on my report. I know, we just need to plod along and do our best. what else can we do?

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