Democrats in Damage Control Mode as Main Stream Media Gives their Best Effort in Spinning Russia Scandal

by Kathy Crest:

They can’t deny it anymore, although they managed to hide the biggest scandal in American history for so many years. Hillary Clinton sold 20% of our uranium supply and lined her purse with hundreds of millions of dollars. Even her husband would take advantage of the deal, and collect what would comparatively seem like pocket change, for a couple hours of speaking. I guess the half mil he made was his “allowance” for the year, for being a good boy.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, and everyone knows they were right when they concluded President Trump had no ties to the Russian government, the Democrats are scrambling for excuses, and the main stream media is right at their side. I would love to know how much the big media moguls get bribed with to brown nose dirty politicians. I have a feeling they will be the next ones to be targeted by this administration. Donald Trump is a brilliant and calculated man. He is also much more patient than the American public. But it is working out in his favor, and real Americans are finally breathing a sigh of relief. Now it is time to seek revenge.

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The main stream media did their best at avoiding the entire situation. Their royal heinous, Hillary Clinton, had to be protected at all cost. But the voices of the people were just too loud for reporters to remain silent, and now they must come clean and tell the truth. How horrible it must be for them. I bet they haven’t slept for nights. This wasn’t how it was suppose to end. Donald Trump was suppose to be destroyed for the sake of globalism, and Hillary Clinton was to be the world leader. They can’t tell the truth now! They just can’t. It isn’t in them. So instead, they spin.

I can just envision them, gathered around their oblong tables with notepads in place and pens waiting to fabricate their next story. Think. Think. What do they have? Who can they blame? Someone has to take the brunt of the hit. That is just how it works. Some think it will be Hillary herself. I’m not so sure about that. One person who isn’t being talked about is Barrack Hussein Obama. He was definitely a big player in this scandal. Is it him they are really trying to protect? Oh, to be a fly on that wall.

I can already see a pattern evolving.  Anyone who is on the dark side, who had been appointed to go public and make a statement, makes the same excuse. They don’t like talking about the sale of our Uranium, because that finger points directly at Hillary Clinton. So they move quickly to the fake dossier. They bring up how many people were involved in its creation. And the famous line has become, “Hillary may not have known about the dossier at all.” But there is just one problem, she helped to pay for it, and so did the DNC. They paid NINE MILLION DOLLARS for its creation. That dossier was created to make it appear Trump was colluding with the Russians to win the election. Now we know, as suspected, that the opposite is the case. Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and others who wanted to destroy Trump, had set out to find dirt on Trump, and when they couldn’t find anything dirty enough, the made a story up.


They never thought for a moment that Hillary would lose, so getting caught was off the table. It wouldn’t matter if they did. They would be in control and would control the narrative, just as they did with every scandal that took place during the Obama administration. They control the media, so what could possibly go wrong. Donald Trump went wrong, for them anyway. For true Americans, he is the best thing that could have ever happened to them and this country. He is the Democrats’ worst nightmare, and has proven to be two steps ahead of them from every angle.

I believe that Harvey Weinstein was sold out in order to make a BIG story, one that would overshadow this one. It didn’t work. All that has done is prove the public right once again. We have known for years that Hollywood is full of dirty little secrets. Pedophilia is the next big revelation that will soon come out, but that is not a scandal they are ready for. The media will do its best to keep that under wraps. If child actors like Corey Feldman have anything to do with it, their stories will finally be told.

I also wonder about the Las Vegas shooting. That was the biggest screw up by the FBI in its history. Now all of a sudden we aren’t hearing a word about it, because they know their stories don’t add up, and they look guilty as sin. Our intelligence agencies have been behind these kind of shootings before, so to think it impossible now would be foolish. They will do anything to push gun control, as taking our guns is the only way for a government to have full control. They will also do anything to cover up a negative story about themselves, and they just might have been informed that the Uranium One deal, as well as the fake dossier, were about to hit them smack in the face. The FBI was involved in the Uranium One deal. They were investigating it for fraud, racketeering, money laundering, bribery, and extortion, and then suddenly, they allowed it to go through. James Comey received millions of dollars in a round about way, from the Clinton Foundation. It is all starting to come together now, just like a difficult puzzle.

Now it is time to seek revenge. We cannot allow this kind of activity to continue. It will destroy our nation. It now makes sense why the Democrats paid people to protest and paid them to be violent. They were so close in their minds. They had made great strides during Obama’s reign. But they were in trouble because they lost the election. They had to try and divide us. There are steps to take when you try to take over a country. Those same steps have been followed for centuries by many dictators. You have to fool the public, take control of the media, control the educational system and the healthcare system, and minimize the military, while building up one of your own. And you have to create chaos and divide the people. But this is America, and Americans are different. We are much stronger than most, and we refuse to give up our guns. We are united, and not as divided as the media would like us to believe. The public is more informed then ever, thanks to social media. We dodged a big bullet, and that bullet opened a lot of eyes.

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