Time to Throw Out the Raisins for Some New Grapes-TERM LIMITS!

By Kathy Crest:

One only has to watch the footage of California Democrat, Nancy Pelosi, in any of her latest interviews, speeches, or rants, to know that the woman is seriously missing a few brain cells and needs to step down. But top Democrat officials refuse to give her the memo, and she continues to make a fool of herself, and her party.

What are they afraid of? Are the up and coming ‘younger’ Democrats not extreme enough for them? Are they so focused on destroying this country before they die that they just can’t give up? Or maybe they fear if they leave DC, the truth will ultimately come out and they will end up in the pokey.

Whatever the reason, we need term limits and we need them now. Our government has become a cesspool of corruption, from the lowest to the highest levels and everywhere in between. For far too long Americans have been too self absorbed in ‘life’, working, playing, and watching way too much TV. Reality shows and sporting events consumed our lives, while evil was lurking around every corner, and setting the stage for mass destruction.

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Washington D.C., a place where every politician dreams of landing the ‘big one’, and a place where those politicians’ dreams of becoming multi-millionaires are too often fulfilled. How do these people become some of the highest earners in America, when their government wages just don’t add up? It’s called corruption, and it is rampant.

The average age of Members of the House at the beginning of the 113th Congress was 57.0 years, and of Senators, 62.0 years. But there are many politicians who are well over 75 years old. After working in Sun City, Arizona as a hairdresser for 20 years, I can assure you that the majority of people in this age bracket, are NOT suitable for high up positions.

The Wall Street Daily gave a prime example of how a politician can strike it rich in DC without breaking a sweat. A former governor of Montana, Brian Schweitzer, decided to try his hand at the mining business, so he took his clout and his money and set his sights on a the largest mining company in Montana, Stillwater Mining.


According to Wall Street Daily, Schweitzer launched a massive propaganda campaign against Stillwater, claiming mismanagement by the Stillwater Board of Directors and, specifically, their longtime CEO, Frank McAllister. Schweitzer teamed up with a New York hedge fund, the Clinton Group, and – through public denouncements and intimidation – forced the Board of Directors to fire McAllister.

That was just the beginning of Schweitzer’s intimidation and ultimate takeover of the company, and this is how our politicians use their positions to make millions of dollars.

We are just now learning of the real Russian collusion scandal, not the fictitious one against President Donald Trump, but the real story that entails Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Vladimir Putin, and our very own FBI.

According to Sean Hannity of Fox News, President Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are the ones guilty of collusion. He said that in 2009, the FBI found evidence of a Russian bribery plot prior to Clinton’s Uranium One deal. In 2010, Clinton signed off on the deal and Vladimir Putin gained control of 20 percent of America’s uranium. Hannity said that five years later, only one person, a Russian citizen, was charged by the feds for their participation in the bribery scheme.

The Clinton Foundation, that we now know is anything BUT a foundation, walked away with tens of millions of dollars. Even MSNBC reported that 2 million of that money never got reported to the IRS. This is how our politicians get so rich. It is deceit of the worst kind.

Americans are fed up. We are sick and tired of having to work hard all our lives just to enjoy the simple things, while our politicians rake in the big bucks and accuse us of being wasteful. They fly around in private jets and are driven around in limousines, both which use more fuel than 50 people ever could, and blame us for global warming. Or is it climate change now? They blame the other side for their own sick dealings, in the hopes the people will know no different.

There is one sure fix to all of this corruption. It’s called term limits. It may not put an end to all of our problems, but it will surely do severe damage to our politicians’ bank accounts, many of which are overseas. President Trump touched on these limits when he campaigned, and it is time for the American people to stand up and demand it.



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