Hollywood Seeing their Own Storm Abrewing

Kathy Crest:

The silent and often hypocritical world of Hollywood just may be coming to a head with the whirlwind accusations mounting against Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood moguls. It is becoming more and more apparent that many female AND male stars have had to endure sexual abuse in order to “make it to the top”.

These accusations do not come as a surprise to the public, but they have been denied by most Hollywood elitists for decades on end. It is a society with many secrets, and we might just see an NFL style backlash and boycott if these secrets continue on, or continue to get swept under the rug.


Some say Harvey Weinstein is just the tip of the iceberg to an “if you want a job, you will take care of me” lifestyle of movie producers and others in high up positions in the industry. It is a sick and demented world filled with sex crazed individuals who have a very strong lust for power and control. Hollywood has succeeded in keeping these secrets because of the massive amounts of money the industry takes in, and because those who want to work know they will be sabotaged if they speak out. Not only will they not get the big parts they so desire, they will see their lives destroyed with lies and false accusations. Many believe the suicides and “overdoses” we so often hear of out of tinsel town, are the highest penalty for revealing the truth.

The New York Times was the first publication to release the accusations against Harvey Weinstein that stemmed from several women coming forth with the accusations of sexual abuse. Weinstein quickly denied the charges and threatened to sue the Times, but has since apologized for his behavior and has now admitted himself into a luxurious sex rehab facility in Arizona. Since the initial accusations, many more actresses have come forth with their own stories against Weinstein. Other actresses and actors have come forth with their own versions of abuse at the hands of other Hollywood execs.

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In a breaking story this morning coming from TMZ,  Weinstein may have been fired illegally by ‘The Weinstein Company’, a company that wrote a contract that said Weinstein could get sued over and over for sexual harassment and as long as he shelled out money. It has already been revealed that he has settled at least 8 sexual harassment cases out of court.

It is a scandal that is mushrooming at an alarming rate, and many of the “common folk” of America are seeing the hypocrisy of these elitists, especially remembering the attack aimed at President Trump after a video of him surfaced during his campaign in which he spoke of women being “easy” if you are a rich man. Two videos have surfaced this week of Ben Affleck groping two different women, and in at least one case, Affleck was dating Jennifer Lopez at the time. Affleck was fondling a young reporter by the name of Anne-Marie Losique, who gleefully sat on his lap while he made remarks about her breasts and fondled them. Mark Dice, a popular YouTube artist, came out with the video yesterday, but it has now been censured from YouTube. Sean Hannity aired the other, less explosive video last night on his nightly news program on Fox News, in which Affleck is seen putting his arm around actress Hilary Burton, and then grabbing her breast. He came out with an apology in the form of a tweet to Ms. Burton this week saying, “I acted inappropriately toward Ms. Burton and I sincerely apologize 10:26 AM – 11 Oct 2017.

Time will tell how deep this scandal will go and where it will take Hollywood. I have often wondered why so many actors and actresses had such a connection with Democrats in office and were so outspoken against Republicans. Are the two organizations somehow entwined? Are these same kind of tactics and threats implemented to force stars to attack conservatives? After all, there have been some who have come out of the closet and said there is a well known fact in Hollywood that if you support Republicans, you won’t work. Could it be that the two powers combined truly are trying to rule the world and in doing so have created a play book that is being acted out against the American people? In both cases, their worlds seem to be crumbling around them as scandals are surfacing on an almost daily basis.

Social media has proven to be very problematic for the liberal society, and we are seeing more and more of our comments, videos and posts being censured and removed from sight. President Obama sold out our internet to the U.N., an entity that does not have to observe our first amendment right. Censuring is now common place, a practice that has always been frowned upon, and in many cases, illegal. Our current president is looked at as a huge threat to the liberals, as he refuses to be silenced and cannot be bought or bullied. Every method of attack that has worked for them in the past, is backfiring. The race war and the “war on women” are now old hat, and the media’s quest to destroy President Donald Trump has handed them a title of “fake news”. They are beginning to realize just how calculated this man really is. They say he is “out of control”, but in reality, he is totally in control.


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