Is the White House Finally Showing Signs of Swamp/Sewer Drainage?

Something happened in the White House today. A new chief of staff was sworn in to restore focus and discipline; something that was rather needed.

This morning retired general John Kelly was sworn in as chief of staff.

Reince Priebus had stepped down from the position now in the hands of Kelly. His appointment as chief of staff was announced Friday. The Homeland Security secretary and retired Marine Corps general is taking over.

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Leaking may come to an end as nasty internal battles among the president’s closest advisers could now be on a downswing with order replacing it.

In protest over the hiring of Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci as the new communications director, Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigned after just six months on the job.

Scaramucci had vowed to get Reince Priebus dumped and threatened to fire the White House communications staff one by one.

What do you think? Is the swamp or sewer, as President Trump has called it, going to finally get drained?

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